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Who Would You Be In Ancient Gaul?

According to Julius Caesar, ancient Gaul was ruled by the druids and the knights. Where would you fit in? Take this quiz and find out!

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  1. Do you like to teach?

    It's my job!
    Not really
    I'm more of a learner
    Indeed! I school people all the time about how great I am!
  2. You're offered a job that involves grueling training that can take up to 20 years but awesome perks. Do you take it?

    Hell yes!
    I already have it
    Hell no!
    What job can top the service I have already done for the republic?
  3. War is declared and a draft is issued. What do you do?

    Go about my normal business and hope it's resolved before my number comes up
    I'm exempt
    Volunteer before the draft gets to me; I will fight!
    War! My enemy sought to plunge us into the chaos of war, but through my cunning words and selfless service I was able to prevent it!
  4. How good is your memory?

    Long enough to remember last year's war
    Very good; I've been training it for years
    About average
    Better than yours, I reckon, for you seem to have forgotten who saved the republic! (Allow me to humbly remind you)
  5. Do people listen to your advice?

    Oh yes! If they don't, everyone shuns them like they committed a crime!
    I'm better at taking advice than giving it
    My advice is usually "Die!", so, yeah, I guess
    Yes, as well they should! I shudder to think what would have become of our beloved republic had they not!
  6. Does wealth = power?

    Oh yeah
    No, knowledge is power!
    I wouldn't really know
    Oratory is power! After all, it saved the republic (through me)! (Poetry is nice, too)
  7. How do you feel about religion?

    I do what I'm told--I don't fancy getting smited
    I serve, that's what I do. The divine doesn't seem to do much for me, though
    I am a servant of the divine
    What use are the gods when schemers walk in our midst?!
  8. Are you the mediator in your group of friends?

    No, I usually need my arguments mediated by someone else
    Yes, all my friends come to me to settle their disputes
    I tend to settle my issues with my fists
    But of course, my powers of mediation and defense are renowned! Just ask Archias!
  9. Do you have a lot of followers on social media?

    Yes, my wealth attracts followers to me
    No, I am a follower of other people
    Yes, and other people send their followers to me to try to gain some of my prestige
    Not as many as I should! Who wouldn't want to listen to me?
  10. What type of government do you prefer?

    I don't much care, as long as my skills are appreciated
    Oligarchic republic
    Whichever one gives me the most stable life
    Republicanism! It must be defended at all costs against those who would seek to destroy it, like a certain unnamed adversary!
  11. How are your note-taking skills?

    Fie upon writing! Only the lazy rely on the written rather than the remembered (except for boring things like finances. Then it's okay)!
    I mostly only write correspondence and reports
    I don't know how
    I have no need of notes! My genius will not be contained in ink but carried on the air!
  12. Do you believe in life after death?

    I hope there is!
    Entirely, and I teach the principle to others
    I have to, it helps me get through battles
    I suppose; surely in some life I will be adequately rewarded for my service to the republic!
  13. Do you enjoy stargazing?

    I find it a waste of time
    Only for navigation
    Yes, and I teach others about the stars' movement
    My fame shall be written in the stars!
  14. Is it time for a retreat?

    No, I'm too busy right now
    Retreat? Never! Forward march!
    It is almost time for my professional retreat...that counts, right?
    Sounds good! It's not like my house will get confiscated while I'm gone, right? I saved the republic, after all!
  15. If one of your friends makes a mistake, would you forgive them?

    No way! If they defy me, they will never recover their former position of trust!
    If they made a mistake, they're probably dead, so.
    I would, but I don't think others would agree with me
    If he's a Roman, yes. Unless it's a certain unnamed enemy of mine. Then no.

Who Would You Be In Ancient Gaul?

You got: Druid

You got Druid! You love to teach and arbitrate disputes among your friends. You enjoy high status and power, but you have the responsibilities to go with them. Find out more about the druids here, Section 13 on:

Wikipedia Commons / Via
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You got: Knight

You got Knight! You always have your friends' backs and work best when you have a clear set of instructions to follow. We wouldn't want to get on your bad side! Find out more about the knights here, Section 15:

Unknown / Via
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You got: Pleb

You are an everyday sort of person. You are extremely reliable and content to follow the rules set out for you and do the work so other people can figure out the hard stuff. Find out more about Caesar on the Gauls here:

Pleb / Via
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You got: Cicero

You saved the republic, don'tchaknow. Don't let anyone forget, now. Now, off to write some poetry in our praise!

Bertel Thorvaldsen / Via
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