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Preposterous Pets: The Jaguar That Goes For A Walk In The Park

DOGS are a man's best friend - but for big cat lover Rafael Villafane it's his pet JAGUAR. Rafael, 50, has been caring for Maya, his 175 pound feline for the past four years. The music producer feeds Maya, who loves gorging on 2.5kg of organic turkey, fish, beef, deer and wild boar every day. To keep her fit and active he takes her for walks and even visits restaurants with Maya by his side. The pair often visit the park near his home in Mexico City, Mexico, where he walks the huge predator and lets her swim in the river. After her exercise, Rafael loves visiting his favourite restaurant and ties Maya on her lead around a tree - just feet away from the tables and other customers. At home, Rafael plays with Maya - tumbling and wrestling with her on the ground, to keep her in shape and stimulated. Maya lives in a custom enclosure built on the hillside of Rafael's home. Her living quarters cost Rafael about $50,000 and took nearly a year to build. Rafael's is one of several stories which appears in new Animal Planet series Preposterous Pets which starts on Animal Planet UK at 8pm on April 3.

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