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Meet The 'Ronal-teenios': Brazil's Dwarf Football Team

WITH his silky skills and eye for goal, 27-year-old Casemiro is every inch the Brazilian footballer - 39 inches to be precise. The tiny striker, known as 'Wagner Love', is the star player for the country's top Dwarf football team: The Gigantes do Norte. And far from being a laughing stock, this talented group of 'Ronald-tinios' are playing - and beating - teams almost twice their size. They use full-size pitches and goals but are allowed to bend one rule: they can carry a teammate on their shoulder's when defending a free-kick. Their coach says some players would easily be professionals if they were born taller. The team, whose name means the Giants of the North, are based in Belem, Para State, North Brazil. They are credited with helping combat prejudice against dwarfs.

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