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Life Among The Urban Explorers: The Adventures Of Researcher Bradley Garrett

THIS incredible footage is the work of ethnographer Bradley Garrett, who spent four years as an urban explorer to understand their world. Garrett was part of team who made headlines back in 2012 when he posted a series of photographs from the top of The Shard skyscraper while it was still under construction. During his time on the urban exploration scene he helped explore everywhere from abandoned amusement parks and disused churches to Parisian sewer systems, half-built Las Vegas hotels and London's mythical lost rivers. Now a researcher at the University of Oxford, Garrett studied the subculture while he was a PhD student at the University of London and has released a book, Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City, of his writings and photographs. His footage offers an amazing insight into the lives of the practitioners of this access-all-areas subculture

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