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17 Things Only Second Year Students Understand

That frantic house clean on your last day so you get your deposit back.

1. You realise how crap your student house is.

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You were so desperate to sign down on a house "in case they ran out", that you forgot to check if you actually want to live there.

2. Everyone is suddenly in a relationship.

Fox / Via

You didn't get the memo.

3. Commuting to campus is just, like, so much effort.


You're probably never going to make that 9am this year.

4. Everyone you know is applying for an internship and talking about "the future".

Melpomenem / Getty Images

But like, the only thing you learned in first year is that you don't know anything. How are you supposed to do a proper job?

5. When you realise freshers' flu was nothing compared to living in your freezing student house.


TFW you wake up and see your breath.

6. Everyone stops cleaning your house after the first week.

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It's left unsaid that you won't take out the vacuum again until it's time to get your deposit back.

7. You don't know how to feel about SU nights.

8. You love your new sense of freedom.

CBS / Via

There's now a whole world out of that campus bubble for you to ignore.

9. But all the new responsibility is really inconvenient. / Via

You mean the bin doesn't just empty itself?

10. You're forced to manage your money thanks to never-ending bills.

Me: Treat yo self My Bank Account: DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF

Real talk: Water bills are huge.

11. You start to hate the "BFFs" you signed for a house with.

Igorr1 / Getty Images

Especially that one housemate who never buys toilet roll.

12. You actually work when you're at the library.

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And you slowly start to migrate to the "silent" study floors.

13. You go out less than in first year and you're OK with it.

Uni: Got so much work, can't go out this weekend Fri: Well I still got tmrw Sat: I'll just work all day Sunday Sun:

Watching "Game of Thrones" in your pjs > going "on the lash".

14. You look forward to going home.

Your parents house is basically a palace in comparison to yours.

15. You realise "the locals" hate you.

Craig Sunter (CC BY-ND) / Via

Probably because your house never puts out its bins.

16. Even though you were one of them a few months ago, you feel way superior to freshers.

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And you hate them for making so much noise in the library.

17. But at least you're not in third year.


Writing a dissertation? NOPE.

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