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    31 Party Favors You Expected At '90s Birthday Parties

    We'd skate, bowl, paint plaster, spinart shirts, and swim. But there was nothing better than getting that precious bag of party favors at the end of the night.

    This roller skating party was a blast!

    Cupcakes were good! You licked the icing off the ring on top and placed it on your finger. Very fashionable!

    The party ended and you were finally handed a... PARTY FAVOR!

    1. Which candy did you get?

    2. Which ring did you get?

    3. A sliding number puzzle, fun!

    4. A light-up yo-yo, yes!!

    5. Get me to a staircase immediately!

    6. Excuse me, where is the restroom?

    7. Neon whistle bracelets??

    8. Why don't you just have a seat?

    9. Wax Lips are... candy or toy?

    10. Cool shoelaces!!!

    11. Oops, this fell on the floor.

    12. I swear, I am NOT putting my fingers in there again...

    13. It's a fan, it won't hurt you!

    14. A hologram keychain, awesome!

    15. Look out bro, I'm locked and loaded!

    16. Another paint set!

    17. Which color should I use!?!

    18. Please, come closer.

    19. Seriously, come closer. I just want to show you something. It's cool!

    20. Why don't you believe me?

    21. Pleaaaaaase! Just come here!

    22. Wanna see whose can go higher?

    23. I'm pretty sure it's a toy.

    24. Gimme a second!

    25. Ouch!

    26. Where do you want it?

    27. Earrings for every day of the month!

    28. Watch this!

    29. Schzzzzzzzzzzsh!

    30. Wait, they spin but don't light up?

    31. And... The ultimate party favor! SLAP BRACELETS!

    Everybody raise your root beer floats!