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Taylor Swift Nip Slip

These photos of Taylor Swift filming her new music video in Maine over the weekend have surfaced and look, guys! It’s more of that sappy all-American cheeseball romance bullshit that she always does. I just want to point something out here: This girl is like, 20 years old. On no planet is there a 20 year old woman who is internationally successful who also got married in a chapel to her high school sweetheart. There just isn’t. Taylor Swift, you cannot have the kind of love you sing about and be as successful as you are at the age of 20. Grow the fuck up!(taylor swift music videos, taylor swift nip slip, taylor swift nude, taylor swift fakes, taylor swift naked, taylor swift in a bikini, taylor swift bikini photos, taylor swift lyrics, taylor swift videos, taylor swift bikini, taylor swift pictures, taylor swift hot, taylor swift nude fakes)

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