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    Breaking Bad Takes On Washington

    Bankrupting America chronicles Washington's overspending addiction in Breaking Bad and Walter White GIFs.

    In 2001, the federal government ran a $127.3 billion budget surplus, and our debt was manageable; increasing spending was something we had to do in crisis. / Via

    You know, just a one-time thing to take care of the people we loved.

    But soon, those surpluses became deficits; $157.8 billion just one year later and $1 trillion last year. / Via

    We found ourselves getting in too deep.

    The economy stagnated, unemployment was still too high and labor participation remained historically low.

    We blamed our spending on the economy, but we became addicted and things spun out of control. / Via

    We went a little cuckoo...

    Now, our leaders are putting the future at risk to hold onto power and sustain an ever-growing federal government.

    We want to believe slick-talking politicians offering easy solutions.

    But we ignore warnings from the Congressional Budget Office that everything will come crashing down on us.

    Then one day, we came to a troubling realization.

    The day of reckoning is approaching…

    ...All bad things must come to an end.

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