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11 Ways Being Impatient Can Actually Make You Happier

Impatience is a virtue too. If you're the type of person who hates to wait, download the Bank of America Mobile Banking App. It allows you to deposit a check straight from your phone without even having to get out of bed.

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1. When you're impatient, you see more of the world.

Richard Masoner / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: bike

You actually just don't see road blocks.

2. You can leave events whenever you want to because you ain't waitin' around for nobody.


Some call it "rude." Others call it "winning."

3. You make friends by texting back right away...


4. ...and you keep friends by forgiving their slow responses.

Understanding others helps one to understand oneself.

5. Since you have no time for the "Where should we eat?" drama, you always get your choice in restaurant.

Paramount Pictures / Via

He who is most impatient controls the meal.

6. And because you can't stand traffic, you know every single shortcut in town. / Via

"Take the road less traveled" because OBVIOUSLY.

7. Being impatient means booking vacations in advance and saving money.


Booking early $aves big time.

8. And feeding your cravings.


Straight to the point.

9. If you're impatient, you get things fixed before they break for good. / Via

Preventative measures lead to future happiness.

10. You stay active the entire year-round because you simply cannot wait.


Vacations happen outside the summer too.

11. And you always get called upon first because you won't settle for anything less.

"Me. Ugh me. ME NOW!"

With the ease of the Bank of America Mobile Banking App, you can check your balance pretty much wherever and whenever you want. Impatience is encouraged.

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