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11 Multitasking Devices You Never Knew You Needed

ReadingThisWhileDoingSevenOtherThings. Speed through your day with these savvy inventions, and find even more time by using the Bank of America Mobile Banking App.

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1. Phone charger / ramen bowl

Miso Soup Design / Via Facebook: MisoSoupDesign

For when you're eating ramen alone, but don't want to be too alone because you're not that sad — you're happy and curious but also hungry at the same time!

3. Mouse / Bluetooth / speaker / microphone


For when you're on a long-distance conference call that you have to take from your desk because you're editing the document you're presenting while talking.

11. Knife holder / calendar / charging station


For last-minute salad chopping because you forgot the party was today and need to plug in your phone while you watch the "how to cut a carrot" YouTube tutorial.

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