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Hey, We're Putting Together A One-Of-A-Kind Financial Wellness Retreat — Wanna Come?

Ever find yourself struggling to keep up with what matters? We’re looking for 50 individuals to join our Better Money Habits Retreat that will help you determine and focus on reaching your goals, all powered by Bank of America!

When was the last time someone's picture-perfect life made you feel self-conscious?

Young adults are under more pressure than ever to succeed, because society is constantly showing us a filtered lens of people who have done more in less time.

Well, we're planning to flip this comparison trap on its head! And we're teaming up with Bank of America to create an epic, unforgettable retreat to do just that.

We're looking for 50 amazing, everyday individuals, each with their own stories to be celebrated, to come together to refocus on what matters most to them.

Interested? Tell us your story, and you could snag an invite to our retreat! Here are the details:

• The Better Money Habits Retreat will take place September 27–29, 2019, in Miami, Florida.

• Activities will include group and individual learning sessions, guest speakers, after-hours entertainment, and more.

• Participants' flights and on-site accommodations (i.e., place to stay, meals, and activities) will be covered.

Eligibility requirements:

• Must be a Bank of America customer (e.g., credit card, car loan, home loan, savings account, checking account, or Merrill investment account).

• Must be a part of the workforce with a minimum of five years experience.

• Must live in the United States.

How to apply: Fill out this online form!

We can't wait to hear from you — best of luck! (Be sure to check out last year's experience too!)

Facebook: 1318800798260799

Whether you're looking to save, budget, or gain the confidence to spend, Bank of America's Better Money Habits® has you covered. Find free tools and resources to help you build your financial know-how.

Paid for by Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC.