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10 Young People Reveal How They Manage Salaries Of $50,000 Or Less

The Better Money Habits 50 Under $50k is a financial portrait of young America. Discover the go-to financial hacks that are already setting these early-career professionals up for long-term personal financial success.

It's not about how much you make; it's about what you make of it! The Better Money Habits 50 Under $50k honors financially savvy young professionals who are making an average starting salary of $50,000 or less.

Meet some of the honorees and learn about the smart money habits that are helping them achieve their dream of financial stability.

1. Emily Deas

2. Peter Starkey

3. Christina Imana

4. Que Morgan

5. Kevin Wright

6. Connor Mueret

7. Farhana Ikmal Hisham

8. Mandy Pan

9. Javon Davis

10. Hunter Waldrop

Meet the full Better Money Habits 50 Under $50k. Building your financial future can be challenging — that’s why Bank of America created Better Money Habits®.

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Learn how to keep your finances in check as you navigate budgeting, the workforce, your side hustle — and everything in between.

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