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  • How “How I Met Your Mother” Should Have Started (SPOILERS)

    Much grief has been expressed about the tragic twist ending of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. After nine seasons of clues, teases, and reveals, Ted and Tracy (she has a name!) finally meet on the train platform at Farhampton — within minutes a flash forward reveals that she drops dead a few years later. Integrating a scene shot back in 2006 featuring Ted’s two future teen children reveals that this ending has been in the works essentially since the end of season one. Some viewers feel like this was an unsatisfactory, even cruel twist and an insult to the fans. Many have offered alternative endings that would have been more upbeat, cohesive, and less emotionally brutal. In order to make the beginning of Ted’s epic tale make more sense with the ending, here’s how “How I Met Your Mother” should have started, (and quite possibly ended).

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