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19 Struggles Of Training For The London Marathon

Jelly babies are a food group, right?

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1. Getting a ballot place and starting training in comfortable smugness. / Via @welltodolondon on Instagram

Oh you applied for a ballot place seven times and never got one? Too bad, I got one first try.

2. Getting a charity place and dismissing how many times it's socially acceptable to ask your friends for money. / Via @alamyinstagram on Instagram

5. You want to high five other runners you see out on your training runs (then you remember you're British and such flagrant displays of emotion are generally frowned upon).

7. The longer your runs get, the smaller your city seems.

By the time you get to those 20 mile runs, you feel like you're in a hamster wheel.


9. You become an expert in Google Maps while planning out your 20 mile runs.


You have that great run where you feel like you're flying and everything is right in the world and you're pretty sure you saw a unicorn at some point.

12. Food. Just give me all the food please.

Via @melissaweldonuk

With all these miles you're putting in, you're constantly hungry and think you may have developed a tape worm.


15. Blisters and missing toe nails better be on trend this spring.

Whatever dreams you had of being a foot model have been well and truly dashed.


17. You consider asking anyone who gives you so much as a handshake to give you a full body massage.

Seriously, just a quick rub down of my legs. It doesn't have to be pervy at all. Everything hurts. *weeps*

19. You cannot resist the beautiful madness of the marathon expo.

Via @zoe_londonandme on Instagram

You go to pick up your race number, you leave with new trainers, seven types of energy gel, a heart rate monitor and roughly four million flyers for races in parts of the world you've never heard of.


After all the blood, sweat and tears, the day is finally here. Time to pound that pavement, soak up the cheers, high five some kids and eat all the jelly babies.