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21 Lessons We've Learned From Will Arnett

Whether it's from the mind of Gob Bluth, Devon Banks, or Will himself, we've learned a thing or two from this guy. Next time you're in a pickle, just find a quiet corner, put your face against the wall, and ask yourself - What Would Will Do? Check him out at the Banff World Media Festival, he'll be there!

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1. Showmanship is everything.

2. Take things up a notch, whenever possible.

3. If you purchase an expensive article of clothing, make sure that everyone in the room knows.

4. Interpret everything said in your direction as a compliment.

5. Practice makes perfect when it comes to bedroom eyes.

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6. Don't neglect your nailbeds.

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7. Don't ever make assumptions.

8. If someone doesn't give you their sympathy, take it from them.

9. Be successful.

10. Under-reacting is worse than overreacting.

11. Make good suggestions for activities.

12. Compliments are always appreciated. Give them out whenever you can.

13. Take a common expression, and change it slightly. It's yours now.

14. Never take lip from anybody.

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15. When it's clear you've done something wrong, say it out loud.

16. Never sugar-coat anything.

17. Try as you might, you cannot best the wind. Stop trying.

18. Good parenting is the cornerstone of a child's healthy development.

19. Know how to appropriately join in on a conversation.

20. There's no shame in losing Gay Chicken.

21. Always get the -

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