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12 Ways You Can Take Your Beach Day To The Next Level

Kick your summer up a notch. Banana Boat® SunComfort® Lotion Sunscreen allows sand to easily brush off, making it easy to truly have the best beach day ever.

1. Make sure your money is safe and dry by storing it in an empty chapstick tube.

2. Keep your keys afloat by attaching a wine cork.

3. Stick your phone in a sandwich bag.

4. Put glowsticks in your leftover water bottles.

5. Pack a few baking cups.

6. Play color balloon volleyball.

7. Start a game of sand pictionary.

8. Go "beach bowling."

9. Make some sun-baked s'mores.

10. Take the sandman challenge.

11. Keep a magnetic activity tray in the car.

12. Give your kids mermaid fin blankets.

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And don't forget sunscreen! Banana Boat® Sunscreens make it easier to protect your skin in seven real-life conditions* like ocean water, wind, sweat, and sand so everyone can play more and worry less.

*Seven Conditions does not apply to tanning or oil products, SPF 100 lotions, lip balms, Kids FREE, and Zinc Faces

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