Why Sewanee Is The Only School That Resembles Hogwarts

Take notes, Rhodes.

First off, the recent Hogwarts gallery did not even include Sewanee.

Yeah, let that sink in.

2. Sewanee’s entire campus resembles Hogwarts.

Some schools made the list because of one building. (cough cough, RHODES)

3. Before you leave your Hogwarts-style dorm…

4. …whichever dorm that may be…

5. Grab your gown.

If you don’t have one, spend more time at the library and less time out-drinking every other school.

6. Hop on over to McClurg for some eats.

8. Don’t hesitate to admire All Saints on your way to class.

10. Cut through the quad if you have time.

12. Who knows, maybe your class is IN the quad today…

13. Or even better, in Guerry Garth.

14. If not, no worries.

18. After class it doesn’t hurt to hit up the library

19. Or get your workout in.

20. You’ll need peak physical & mental toughness to take down that which must not be named.

“Comps? You mean like, computers?” - Rhodes, and everyone else

21. Comps or no comps, we always go hard

Every night is a good night to get hammered, because we can handle it.

22. But remember, beware the chamber of secrets. For who knows what lies in the dark depths

The fact that I can’t find single picture of the Sewanee chapter makes it even more appropriate.

23. Maybe you had a little too much butterbeer. Have no fear, Bacchus is here!

24. If walking is your thing, there’s plenty of dark forest to go around.

25. On your way back, through the snow…

26. Or fog…

27. Remember that Sewanee has always been, and always will be, the iconic Hogwarts school

28. YSR, Rhodes. Suck it!

And remember, we pre-game harder than your school parties.

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