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    The Try Guys Gave Each Other Facials

    "Beauty is pain, pain is temporary, beauty is forever!"

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    The Try Guys have tried a lot of stuff together. But, this week, they entered new territory. That’s right, they gave each other facials.

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    In the name of mastering skin beauty regimes, Eugene and Ned will be the aestheticians for the day.

    Eugene got to work on Keith, while Ned worked on Zach, and that's where the fun began.

    Keith has very sensitive skin, so for his facial, aesthetician Katie Laster suggested a general men's facial with light enzymes and a cool globe treatment.

    Zach, on the other hand, had a few blackheads, so Katie recommended a blueberry detox peel to cleanse his pores.

    First up, Zach's facial started with a creamy cleanser to hydrate his skin and cleanse his pores.

    Katie then used a professional strength blueberry enzyme peel to exfoliate the dead skin cells*.

    *Ned wasn't able to perform this part of the facial because the enzyme is professional strength and requires that a licensed aesthetician apply it.

    As the enzyme peel started working, Zach's face started turning red and burning.

    This is a natural chemical reaction to the enzyme peel.

    For Keith, Eugene did a gentle facial to hydrate and cleanse the skin.

    Up next for both guys was the extraction, which consists — exactly as it sounds — of extracting dirt and grime from the pores.

    Following the extraction, both were treated to a strawberry rhubarb mask.

    After that, Keith got a cool globe massage to lower inflammation and tighten pores, while Zach got high frequency shocks to bring oxygen to the surface and kill bacteria.

    Finally, both of our Try Guys finished off with soft, moisturizing massages to relax the skin.

    Moral of this Try Guys story: Beauty is pain!

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