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    33 Cringeworthy Pictures You’ll Hate If You Have Mycophobia

    These pictures sure are fun(gus)!

    Fair warning, mycophobia is a fear of fungus. If you hate mold, you will be disgusted by what follows.

    1. How do you feel about this hairy potato?

    2. And this frosty-looking strawberry?

    3. You gagging yet?

    4. Does this whipped cream make you wanna delete the internet?

    5. How about these nectarines?

    6. Is this lemon giving you goosebumps?

    7. And are these kiwi slices disturbing the fuck outta you?

    8. Does this spaghetti make you cringe?

    9. And is this tomato making your skin crawl?

    10. Do you see Satan's face in this can of corn?

    11. And do you feel sick after seeing this leftover monstrosity?

    12. Do these spring rolls make you want to stop scrolling?

    13. And does this burger with fries have you questioning all of humanity?

    14. Is this watermelon gonna make you puke?

    15. How about this coffee?

    16. You still here?

    17. How about now?

    18. Are you OK looking at this relish?

    19. How about this hummus?

    20. Is this onion offending you?

    21. And does this pizza have you choking back vomit?

    22. Can you handle having this sandwich on your screen?

    23. Do these sweet potato fries have you screaming "NOPEEEE!"?

    24. And do these beets make you wanna cry just a little?

    25. You still hangin' in there?

    26. What about after seeing this?

    27. Are you fine with looking at this rice?

    28. And can you handle looking at what used to be a pumpkin pie?

    29. Is this pastry cream grossing you out to the max?

    30. And is this chicken sandwich with fries your worst enemy?

    31. How do you feel about this blueberry chia seed pudding?

    32. And this five-week-old bone-in turkey?

    33. And finally, does this corn on the cob make you wanna light yourself on fire and clean out your refrigerator immediately?