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24 Coworkers Who Took Extra To A Whole New Level

"Man jerked off into coworker's coffee hoping she'd notice him."

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1. This contagious coworker.

SamuelFri / Via

2. This clever coworker.

3. This sharing coworker.

4. This silent, peeing coworker.

5. These encouraging coworkers.

6. This flirty coworker.

7. This very busy coworker.

8. This relaxed, but also slightly worried coworker.

rayzirxy / Via

9. This quick-thinking coworker.

10. This Seussian coworker.

11. This subtle, cake-baking coworker.

llamaface9603 / Via

12. This spiteful coworker.

13. This hopeful coworker.

14. This territorial coworker.

johnny0 / Via

15. This blatant coworker.

anti_climax / Via

16. This fed the f*ck up coworker.

17. This detective coworker.

18. This savage coworker.

kromtwofour / Via

19. This mature coworker.

funketobiasdr / Via

20. This decorative coworker.

21. This sad coworker.

22. This straight-forward coworker.

23. This bored coworker.

jimthehacksawduggan / Via

24. And this, uh, romantic coworker.

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