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23 Products For Anyone Who Loves Drinking Wine

Wine-ot give them a shot?

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2. This easy-to-carry travel pouch for your wine will definitely make for some ~winetastic~ picnics and beach days.

5. Or, if you don't have a stopper on hand, a wine condom is a great way to make sure you're always ~protected~ from those unexpected leaks.


7. This electric wine opener will have you popping corks like a professional.

8. Or you can always go the old-fashioned route and use this cute AF pirate corkscrew.

10. This portable wine cooler is a lightweight way to keep your wine at a perfectly cool temp.

11. Or you could use these wine chill drops to get your glass of wine nice n' chilled right after you pour.


12. This wine bottle coaster will help keep any unwanted stains off the table.

15. This dually functioning chiller and aerator will chill your wine as you pour and allow for its delicate flavors to really stand out.


20. And these wine glass markers will make sure there are no accidental glass mix-ups.

21. Or you could always use these little goblin wine tags to help you remember where you left your cabernet.


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