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OK Topshop Has Officially Fuckin' Lost It With These Plastic Jeans

It's 2017 and anything goes, I guess.

You might recall that, recently, the genius clothiers at Topshop introduced a trend that divided the nation.

Well, today, it seems as if the British retailers are back at it. Indeed, a new trend appears to be coming for "Clear Knee Mom Jeans'" limelight. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Topshop's MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans.

No need to check your eyesight, folks, you read that correctly: These are jeans that are made of plastic.

Of course, people are airing their feelings about these avant-garde wonders of fashion, saying things like "Um what?" and "delete this."


Go home Topshop you're drunk

delete this, @Topshop

Others, still, are praising the brand's ingenuity.

If it rains this is one way to guarantee dry legs...on the outside at least! Loving @Topshop's creativity #Eccentric

I like Topshop's clear plastic trousers. Bet they'd look great on tattooed legs. Don't @ me.

wow i actually love these lmao ⚡️ “Clear plastic jeans are actually a thing at Topshop ”

Meanwhile, some are just outright confused, or have taken to stating the obvious: These things have to be a sweaty hotbox for anyone wearing them.

I have so many questions about Topshop's clear plastic 'jeans'. Condensation? Chafing? Underwear? Pockets? Is this a sign I'm too old? 😂😂

Sweatsville 🙌 population: anyone wearing this abomination #whatarethose

@roadrunner1904 @Topshop @planetjedward I know....clear...plastic...allegedly jeans. Sweat City!

I mean, they might actually work well with these Yeezy boots if you ask me.

But, the most important responses are those that echo the primary thought I've had since I started writing this: ARE THESE ACTUALLY JEANS IF THEY'RE MADE OF FOOKIN' SARAN WRAP??

HOW is this "jeans"? How, Topshop, HOW? #brainnocompute #iamoutdated #weirdfashions

No. No and no. How can these even be called jeans?⚡️ “Clear plastic jeans are actually a thing at Topshop ”

THESE ARE JUST PLASTIC PANTS. ⚡️ “Clear plastic jeans are actually a thing at Topshop ”

Now that you've been given this very important information, I'll ask you: