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OK Topshop Has Officially Fuckin' Lost It With These Plastic Jeans

It's 2017 and anything goes, I guess.

You might recall that, recently, the genius clothiers at Topshop introduced a trend that divided the nation.

Twitter: @hcpeterson

"Clear Knee Mom Jeans" were met with mixed reviews and certainly had their 15 minutes of fame.

Well, today, it seems as if the British retailers are back at it. Indeed, a new trend appears to be coming for "Clear Knee Mom Jeans'" limelight. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Topshop's MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans.


Regina George is shook.

No need to check your eyesight, folks, you read that correctly: These are jeans that are made of plastic.


Of course, people are airing their feelings about these avant-garde wonders of fashion, saying things like "Um what?" and "delete this."


Go home Topshop you're drunk

delete this, @Topshop

Others, still, are praising the brand's ingenuity.

If it rains this is one way to guarantee dry legs...on the outside at least! Loving @Topshop's creativity #Eccentric

I like Topshop's clear plastic trousers. Bet they'd look great on tattooed legs. Don't @ me.

wow i actually love these lmao ⚡️ “Clear plastic jeans are actually a thing at Topshop ”

Meanwhile, some are just outright confused, or have taken to stating the obvious: These things have to be a sweaty hotbox for anyone wearing them.

I have so many questions about Topshop's clear plastic 'jeans'. Condensation? Chafing? Underwear? Pockets? Is this a sign I'm too old? 😂😂

Sweatsville 🙌 population: anyone wearing this abomination #whatarethose

@roadrunner1904 @Topshop @planetjedward I know....clear...plastic...allegedly jeans. Sweat City!

I mean, they might actually work well with these Yeezy boots if you ask me.

But, the most important responses are those that echo the primary thought I've had since I started writing this: ARE THESE ACTUALLY JEANS IF THEY'RE MADE OF FOOKIN' SARAN WRAP??

HOW is this "jeans"? How, Topshop, HOW? #brainnocompute #iamoutdated #weirdfashions

No. No and no. How can these even be called jeans?⚡️ “Clear plastic jeans are actually a thing at Topshop ”

THESE ARE JUST PLASTIC PANTS. ⚡️ “Clear plastic jeans are actually a thing at Topshop ”


Now that you've been given this very important information, I'll ask you:

  1. What do you think? Are these plastic pants jeans?

    What do you think? Are these plastic pants jeans?

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What do you think? Are these plastic pants jeans?
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    YES, this is ~fashun,~ these are JEANS, don't @ me!!!!!!!!
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    Topshop has gone too far!!!!!! These are NOT JEANS, I MEAN IT THIS TIME!
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    I don't care one way or the other.