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    Updated on Mar 14, 2020. Posted on Apr 27, 2017

    25 Desserts So Good-Looking You'd Be OK Leaving Your Family For Them

    Try not drooling while you scroll through this.

    1. Do you like desserts?

    2. Like really really like desserts?

    3. I figured so.

    4. How do you feel about this s'mores melt?

    5. And this loaded waffle cone?

    6. Do these ice cream filled donuts have you breathing a bit heavier?

    7. And is this loaded ice cream cookie sandwich making you lick your lips just a little bit?

    8. Are you getting a tingly feeling whilst staring at this Nutella-Oreo cronut?

    9. How about these Ube pandan whoopie pies?

    10. Do these simple chocolate milkshakes have you feelin' some typa way?

    11. And does this blueberry lemonade cake donut make you wanna lick your screen?

    12. Do these fried Oreos have your heart beating at an unusually quick pace?

    13. How about this oven-fried, sugared bread?

    14. Is this Oreo and Fruity Pebble covered ice cream cone making your eyes water?

    15. And does this white cake with a lemon curd glaze and fresh berries have you panting?

    16. How do these churro-dogs make you feel?

    17. And how about this elaborate cake that has donuts, Nutella, ice cream, and macaroons?

    18. Does this Oreo cannoli have you ready for a cold shower?

    19. And does this rainbow meringue cake have you feeling dehydrated and just generally thirsty?

    20. Do you like this black mint ice cream as more than a friend?

    21. And what would you rate these red velvet churros with sweet cream cheese filling?

    22. Would you respond to a "you up?" text from these chocolate brownie cookie cups?

    23. And would you bring this Fruity Pebble macaron ice cream sandwich home to meet your parents?

    24. Do these unicorn milkshakes have you breaking a sweat?

    25. If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're not weird, you just love desserts.