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11 Pieces Of Meat That Are Hot Pieces Of Meat

We don't want to objectify here but...dayyyyum. Your own hot piece of meat can be ready in minutes, and it's as close as your grocery store's freezer aisle, thanks to Ball Park Frozen

1. Ham, you are literally a smoke show.

2. We're insanely jealous of whomever got to pull your pork, sandwich.

3. Listen, chicken wings, we get it: You're in a relationship. We were just hoping maybe you had a "free-range" situation happening.

4. You may be hormone-free, lamb, but we're not because we're feeling some type of way about you right now.

5. Hey, burgers — did it tenderize you? Y'know, when you fell from heaven?

6. Did you hear us say "I love you," meatballs? If not, we'll re-pita it.

7. Steak, it's rare that we meat someone as special as you, and we just wanted to use this medium, well, to express our feeling that everything about you is well done.

8. You're making us pretty excited right now, hot dogs, and we haven't even seen your buns yet!

9. Are those flame-grilled lines all over your bod, or are you just happy to see us?

10. Baby got BACK! We're gonna get that sauce ALL on our face. We're gonna need a SHOWER after we're done with you.

11. We want to meat your parents, baby, because we would love to see how the sausage gets made.

With the flame grilled taste of Ball Park Frozen meats, you can have your own hot piece of meat ready in just minutes. Find it in the freezer aisle!

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