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Wannabe World's Fattest Woman's Christmas Dinner

Donna Simpson, wannabe World's Fattest Woman , sitting in a reinforced metal chair, chowed down on a 30,000 calorie Christmas dinner as she ate for two straight hours on Saturday. This is what she ate. ( via )

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  • Two 25 lb Roasted Turkeys

  • Two 15 lb Hams

  • 10 lbs Roasted Potatoes

  • Mountain of Mashed Potatoes (or 5 lbs)

  • 5 lbs Chopped Carrots

  • 5 lbs of Corn AND 5 lbs of Squash

  • 5 Loaves of Baked Bread

  • 4 Pints of Cranberry Relish & 4 Pints of Gravy

  • 5 lbs of Stuffing

    Oh and a tray of salad. Yes she had room for dessert but you can't find a picture for a 'salad' made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies