• Zack = Jeff

    The Coolest Guy in School. Selfish, cocky, sarcastic. Always makes huge mistakes but somehow makes up for it by the end of the episode.

  • Kelly = Annie

    The Beautiful One. Bubbly, sweet, innocent. Back and forth romance/sexual tension with the Coolest Guy in School.

  • Slater = Troy

    The Cute Jock. Curly hair, not caucasian. Great body, always showing it off.

  • Jessie = Britta

    The Feminist. Independent, prideful, guarded. Gets in a lot of arguments with the Coolest Guy in School.

  • Screech = Abed

    The Weirdo. Scrawny, weird voice, encyclopedic knowledge. Very awkward in social situations. (I think brown JLC is waaay cooler than Screech)

  • Lisa = Shirley

    The Sassy Gossip Queen. Very talkative, quick with comebacks, likes to gossip. (my observation)

  • Mr. Belding = Pierce

    The Older Guy. Always taken advantage of, un-hip yet still loveable.