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Pizza Planet Truck In Pixar Films

Pixar included the beloved Pizza Planet references in all of their movies except Incredibles. I only noticed the Pizza Planet truck in a couple of movies, but now I want to watch these movies again to find other references.

  • 1. Toy Story

    It has hyperactive hyperdrive! And astro....Turf!

  • 2. A Bug's Life

    In A Bug's Life, the truck appears in the scene where one insect warns another not to touch the motor home's bug zapper.

  • 3. Toy Story 2

    Hamm, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky and Rex use the truck to chase Al to the airport.

  • 4. Monsters, Inc.

    When the redneck mother is beating Randall with a shovel, the truck is on the far left side of the screen. This is the same motor home that appears in A Bug's Life.

  • 5. Finding Nemo

    While Gill is explaining his plan to escape from the dentist office, a yellow Pizza Planet truck drives by.

  • 6. Cars

    In this movie the Pizza Planet truck has eyes and a mouth (to stay matched with the other cars in the film).

  • 7. Ratatouille

    The Pizza Planet truck is briefly seen crossing the bridge over the Seine when Skinner is chasing Remy

  • 8. WALL-E

    EVE scans the engine of a Pizza Planet truck for plant life shortly after her arrival on Earth, and shuts the hood afterwards.

  • 9. Up

    The Pizza Planet truck is seen on the street as Carl's house floats by, although the truck has more of a delivery van appearance than the actual truck in other films.

  • 10. Toy Story 3

    The Pizza Planet truck is the truck that Lots-o-Huggin Bear, Big Baby, and Chuckles ride on to find Sunnyside Daycare, after finding that Lotso had been replaced by another Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear.

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