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20 Things Only Barbadians Will Understand

You know you're a Bajan if...

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3. People from outside of the Caribbean WILL be surprised you can speak Standard English “fluently.” / Via

Though, to be fair, some Barbadians are surprised other Barbadians can speak it “fluently”...and judge you and call you “bougie.”

5. Furthermore, they're AMAZED we have computers and the internet. / Via

True story. My sister went to Disney in Orlando for six months as part of her studies at Pommarine (Hospitality Institute). There was only one white student (male) that went with them. A teacher at the college they were enrolled in there asked him if we have computers. Guy replied he plugs his Blackberry into a coconut and hopes for the best.

6. If your last name is Cumberbatch and you're family is from St. Peter, your ancestors were likely owned by those of Benedict Cumberbatch and you may well be related to him. / Via

How does one even FEEL about this as a Black Barbadian Cumberbabe?

Also, any excuse to bring up Benedict Cumberbatch. (*SWOON*)

7. The BBC documentary “Barbado'ed: Scotland's Sugar Slaves” opened your eyes to a whole side of Barbados you never knew existed.

You can watch the documentary on Veoh.

18. You saw D-Piddy's Animekon video and laughed at the comments.

View this video on YouTube

D-Piddy / Via

"Why are there so many Black people?"

19. Also, people are surprised you know what anime and cosplay are.

Andrew Browne Photography via Facebook: AnimeKonBarbados / Via Facebook: AnimeKonBarbados

It's the internet age. Everything is everywhere for everyone to see.

Also, we have white people too (and Asians, Hispanics and every other race on the planet).

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