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    Sloths Are Making America Great Again

    Have no fear-- sloths are here

    For way too long, sloths have been overlooked. But now, THE VOTES ARE IN! And by a narrow margin of 3 million votes, sloths have officially become the most dominant species on earth!

    The competition was basically handed to them, but c'mon, these friendly animals have so many talents!

    For example, they are REALLY good at eating

    Like really good

    So good that if eating were in the Olympics they'd at least win a bronze medal

    Sloths are also really great at sleeping!

    They can swim!


    Sloths are definitely cat people

    Enough about sloths and their personal lives. It's time to pay homage to the trailblazers in sloth history and note all of their remarkable achievements.

    Like, Flash. Who invented the first solar-powered car. Runs on clean, renewable energy and reduces their carbon footprint! Wow!

    And Sid, the ground sloth who saved the planet from nuclear war by organizing peace treaties between characters that no one ever thought would become friends! Amazing!

    Sloths were the first species in the order Pilosa to legalize same-sex marriage!

    Sloths recognize the importance of education and know how crucial it is to measure student's growth! And they're doing it bigly!

    Sloths helped millions of animals get the veterinary services they needed with the Animal Care Act!

    Sloths love to extend the hand of friendship to everyone!

    Sloths are amazing! They can do THIS

    And after a long day, they like to unwind with a glass of wine, their favorite book, and ~chill~ in their penthouse apartment. Just like the rest of us.

    After all, it's pretty remarkable that President Danny J. Sloth started his career with just a small loan of 14 million leaves from his dad.

    There you go! The most dominant species on earth! Sad!

    #WWSD , What Would Sloths Do?