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    49 Ways U Know It's All About The U

    It's ALWAYS great to be a Miami Hurricane #LYGC

    1. When U just graduated high school, but already know it's all about the U

    2. Academically, we are the #1 school in Florida-- some people prefer to call UMiami the "Harvard of the south"

    3. Our sports teams are DOPE

    4. The beauty of our campus is unparalleled

    5. With Lake Osceola as the centerpiece

    6. Beautiful at all times of the day

    7. Campus is basically a zoo

    8. And a botanical garden


    10. But our mascot, Sebastian the Ibis, is the most ~wonderfully~ savage bird around

    11. We have the best hand sign of all time-- and it's our very own emoji!

    12. Homecoming is a ~magical~ experience

    13. Like c'mon, what other school has fireworks on their lake during Homecoming?

    14. And student body spirit is ever-present

    15. Tailgates are LIT

    16. THE SMOKE!!!!

    17. We have strong and inspirational leaders

    18. Especially former President, Donna Shalala

    19. And student orgs for LITERALLY anything!

    20. Unique & awesome honors & traditions

    21. And we get to experience cultural traditions!

    22. As well as religious events

    23. We have a college for marine and atmospheric science! AND A BOAT!

    24. Our campus hosts cool events

    25. And opens U up to new experiences that U never imagined possible

    26. We literally don't deserve a building as nice as the Shalala Student Center

    27. The dining hall is always an experience

    28. And the freshman dorms are always ~lively~

    29. SportsFest, the annual competition, is always a blast!

    30. Our diversity brings us together, through our differences, and further enriches our experiences

    31. EVERYTHING is orange, green, and white

    32. We even have our own theme song!

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    33. The library is the hottest club in Miami #ClubRichter

    34. But seriously, the nightlife is UNREAL

    35. We live where U vacation

    36. The weather is gorgeous-- especially during the "winter"

    37. The city of miami is cool and ~hip~ and has neat events

    38. And Wynwood is SICK

    39. This is a very casual form of transportation

    40. The pool is always poppin'

    41. And the sunsets never disappoint

    42. The U Statue is an iconic campus landmark

    43. We have a kick ass music school

    44. And there are hammocks during finals

    45. There's a vibrant Greek life-- including service and professional fraternities

    46. A student government by the people, for the people

    47. Our sports rivalries are NEVER dull

    48. And UM is a family

    49. Even President Obama knows IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U

    #LYGC (Love You, Go 'Canes!)