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23 Moments That Are Way Too Real For Pre-Med Students

College can be the best four years of your life — or you can be pre-med.

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1. When you're a freshman and are *so* eager to learn.

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2. But then you have a three-hour chem lab at 8 a.m.

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3. When you realize you don't actually know how to science.

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4. And when you and your best friend are lab partners.

5. When your professor calls on you during lecture.

6. When you don't know whether to study for biochemistry, physical chemistry — or just cry.

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7. When your anatomy class looks more like Latin class.

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8. When you have your first breakdown.

9. When the semester isn't even halfway over and you're already burnt out.

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10. When professors give exams on Mondays.

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11. When your friends ask you to go out but you're already stressing out about your physics exam in three weeks.

12. When you take a "short" break from your work to take another BuzzFeed quiz.

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13. When everyone else complains about how much work they have to do.

14. When you get through inorganic but then realize you still have a year of orgo ahead of you.

15. When someone you don't even talk to asks for help on the physics homework.

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16. When you lose your shit and freak out on your friends.

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17. When you get a 46 on an orgo exam.

18. And then when the whole squad somehow passes orgo.

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19. When you've already spent eight hours in the library today but it's only 4 p.m.

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20. When you have your second breakdown.

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21. When you have an anatomy, physics, and statistics test all on the same day.

22. When you realize medical schools require you to have a 4.0 GPA, 528 MCAT, 6,438 hours of community service, and a Nobel Peace Prize in order to be admitted.

23. And then you have another biochemistry test tomorrow.

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