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5 Things To Expect When Going Out Of The Country

This will be an article about what to expect when you are leaving the country. Things may not go your way, your going to have to try new things and if you don't what is the point of traveling to a new and different place.

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1. Realize things may not always go the way you hoped for them to.

Flights get delayed, the airports loose luggage or some other unforeseen circumstances may throw your plans out of wack. Examples of this include lose luggage, baggage's checks that take longer then expected or the surprise checks that TSA does while going through security.

2. The food will be different

The food will probably be different, actually it will be different but trying new things is always encouraged. The example in the picture is from my most recent trip to Haiti and the food is called Breakfast Spaghetti it consist of noodles, shredded chicken, tomatoes, ketchup, sometimes bananas, a coleslaw type stuff called pickeliez, and onions and peppers. while it may not look like the most appetizing thing out of all of the food i have tried in Haiti (which is quite a bit considering I spent a month there) this is by far my most thing i ate while there.

3. You may find out your not in the shape you thought you were

When you get to your destination you may decide to do a hike but soon realize your not up for the challenge. Thats ok, you can try to keep going or you can turn back. This picture is from a hike we went on once a week (while there for a month) it was only about a 1.5 mile hike but by the end of it my phone's health app had said i had climbed 16 flights of stairs. we would go a visit another village that was farther off the beaten path then i had ever been.

4. Your going to meet new people

When traveling to new places your probably going to meet new people, and thats awesome now you have friends in multiple countries. This picture is from two years ago when I was in Haiti we had met these two boys my first trip there which was three years ago and I've gotten to see them every year I've been back and they even got to come to America and visit, its cool getting to continue friendships with people in another country for years and getting to see them.

5. Don't pack your schedule

Your going to want to cram as much as you can into your trip, but don't over do it. because then you are worn out and can't really enjoy anything that you do. Take time to relax, and take a nap. Believe me you will enjoy your trip much more if you aren't worn out trying to do everything but that you are well rested and get to fully enjoy everything.

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