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    • Baileygirl

      I have recently returned from Bangladesh,Ishare the anguish shared by the majority of people in the tragic loss of life in the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory.
      People living in the west need to understand, if American apparel companies pull out of nations such as Bangladesh, there will be an increase in poverty, people will not be able to pay their rent, purchase food and medicine. Yes, we look at the wages paid to the workers in these ‘sweatshops’ as being below the poverty line, but this is based onawestern notion of income and life style. These factories provideaservice for all involved. If one looks at how many of the buildings and homes in South East Asia are constructed, you would wonder why more buildings don’t collapse. Please keep the western owned apparel companies open in these countries, upgrade the work environment so people will not starve. Perhaps start campaigns for these clothing companies to become members of the FAIR TRADE Movement, but please don’t push for these companies to close their doors in these Third World Nations.

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