13 Celebrity Time-Travelers

Marty McFly wasn’t the only one to do it…

1. 1. John Travolta

I guess this adds legitimacy to Scientology’s claims of time-travel… According to an unidentified antique dealer with an eBay feedback score of 100%, the image on the left is a 1860 photo of John Travolta that’s worth $50,000.

2. 2. Brad Pitt

Apparently, the most beautiful man in the world didn’t just play Benjamin Button- he is Benjamin Button, spending a few years as a Civil War general named Isaac I. Stevens.

3. 3. Nicolas Cage

Talk about a National Treasure! The image on the left, which was taken in 1870, was put up on eBay for $1,000,000 because its seller claimed it to be proof of Nicolas Cage being a vampire. However, the actor said that the last time he looked in a mirror he “had a reflection.”

4. 4. Joaquin Phoenix

Painted in 1509 and now housed in the Louvre, “Portrait of a Young Man” looks more like Joaquin Phoenix than Joaquin Phoenix did in 2009.

5. 5. Peter Dinklage

Before starring in the critically acclaimed series ‘Game of Thrones,’ Peter Dinklage was busy posing for Diego Velazquez’s 1645 “Dwarf Sitting on the Floor.”

6. 6. Michael Shannon

Prior to making his way to the Atlantic City boardwalk and fighting prohibition, Michael Shannon might’ve fought for freedom in the Civil War.

7. 7. Kyle Chandler

The quote “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” may have meant more to Kyle Chandler than we once thought, since the image on the left shows a Civil War soldier that looks a lot like the actor, who starred in Friday Night Lights and Super 8.

8. 8. Jay-Z

He said he “used to cop in Harlem,” but he didn’t say when. However, this photo, which was taken in the neighborhood in 1939, may give us a better idea.

9. 9. Mark Zuckerberg

It sure looks like the King of Facebook was also the King of Spain from 1621 to 1665.

10. 10. Robert Pattinson

In a case of life imitating art, it appears Robert Pattinson is more like the ageless Edward Cullen than we ever expected. The photo on the left, which was taken in the 1800s, says that Kristen Stewart wasn’t the only one with something to hide.

11. 11. Leonardo DiCaprio

Before he was Jack Dawson, Frank Abagnale Jr., Howard Hughes, and Jay Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio may have been Judy Zipper, as seen in a 1960 yearbook photo.

12. 12. Alec Baldwin

Jack Donaghy, is that you?! It’s easy to forget given his bitter divorce from Kim Basinger, emotionally abusive voicemail to his teenage daughter, and his Words With Friends plane expulsion, but Alec Baldwin was a pretty stand-up guy back in 1964.

13. 13. Keanu Reeves

I guess he really is The One.

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