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14 Reasons Adults Are Better Than Kids

It’s not that kids can’t do anything... it’s just that adults are so much better at life. Watch Jason Bateman school a bunch of know-it-all spelling bee nerds in Bad Words, hitting theaters this March.

1. Kids think they're so smart, but it doesn't take much to outsmart them.

2. Even when they think they have it in the bag, we're always one step ahead of them.

3. They think they can play with the big boys...

4. ...but they always fall a little short.

5. Even when they're right behind us...

6. ...we're always one step ahead.

7. Kids often start off strong, but rarely follow through.

8. Adults follow through... and then some!

9. They really do their best to keep up.

10. One-on-one isn't really fair.

11. You thought two-on-one would be an equal fight?

12. How about we give you a head start?

13. Valiant effort, kid, but don't take on more than you can handle.

14. Don't worry, kid — one day the world will be yours. But right now, it belongs to the adults.

Leave the kids at home this March and catch adult Jason Bateman in Bad Words.

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