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13 Mums Tell Us The Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

Nobody's perfect. Not even mums.

1. The Windy Mum

I was out shopping with my child, and I thought I'd slip out a sneaky fart. But it smelt so bad that other shoppers were giving me filthy looks so I blamed it on my baby.

– Amy

2. The Hungover Mum

3. The Canny Mum

I told my kids that the internet shuts down after dinner and comes back on again in the morning, so they'll stop pestering me to let them watch cartoons in bed.

– Sarah

4. The Sneaky Mum

5. The Fibbing Mum

When my son's hamster died, I told him it escaped and ran away to live with its friends. My son spent a couple of months asking if Mr Tiger was ever going to return, but I could never bring myself to tell him the truth.

– Beverley

6. The Morbid Mum

7. The Strict Mum

If my children don’t brush their teeth, I tell them they will turn black and fall out.

– Lydia

8. The Safety First Mum

9. The Scary Mum

One time, I caved in and let my kids watch a scary-ish film on TV because they wouldn't stop pestering me about it. I made them wash their teeth before it finished, and, when they came back into the room, I switched off all the lights, jumped out from behind the sofa, and screamed “BOO!”

They didn’t want to watch the end of the film, and it took me about three hours to get them to sleep that night.

– Eva

10. The Mum Who Jumps To Conclusions

I once totally lost my patience and grounded my son because I thought he was fighting with his brother again. It turns out the neighbour’s dog had bitten him on the bum!

– Louise

11. The Resourceful Mum

My daughter is a fussy eater but she likes chicken, so we had to rename other foods to get her to try new things. Steak is now "brown Chicken", and pork is now "crunchy chicken".

– Sophie

12. The Devious Mum

13. The Chocoholic Mum

I once ate all my daughter's Christmas chocolates and blamed it on the dog.

– Laurie

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Mums, what is the worst thing you've ever done? Share your stories in the comments below!

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