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We Had The Ultimate Girls Night Out At The "Bad Moms" Screening

Well, we tried at least. Bad Moms is out everywhere on July 29! Get your tickets here.

When you ask people to define what a “girls night out” is, you’re bound to get many different answers. For some, it could be seeing their favorite artist at a concert, casting away all that work stress with a drink or two with their closest friends by their side. For others, it could be staying in with junk food and Netflix. Hell, a girls night out could even include guys. We asked a few of our co-workers what the "ultimate girls night out” might look like, and then we set out to create a Hollywood movie screening for the hilarious new comedy, Bad Moms.


Likes: Whiskey, Emily Post, despair
Dislikes: Vodka, bugs, people who wear athletic clothes with nonathletic clothes
Describe yourself with a hashtag: #empressofhumanmisery
What are your initial thoughts on having a girls night out? I’m usually not into them, honestly. I feel like I always have 948,594 things going on, and any free time I have I usually like spending with my husband who I don’t get to see enough as it is. But I’ve definitely been wrong many times before, so WHO KNOWS, MAYBE THEY’RE GREAT.


Likes: Alcohol, attention, junk food
Dislikes: Hangovers, carrot cake, anything with a dress code
Describe yourself with a hashtag: #krubby
What are your initial thoughts on having a girls night out? Unlike Hannah, I don’t have a husband. So I guess I’m down, but only if it’s a cool group of girls and no one is outrageously cheesy about it. TBH, I’d probably be more stoked for a girls brunch.


Likes: All the food and all the dogs (mostly dachshunds)
Dislikes: Mornings, fruit, snakes
Describe yourself with a hashtag:
What are your initial thoughts on having a girls night out? Girls night out can be fun, but it is something I will have to mentally prepare myself for for days (I have to make sure I get enough sleep so I don’t want to die while I'm out, drink enough water so I’m not hungover the next day, plan out my perfect outfit that doesn’t clash with any of my friends' outfits, prepare a list of excuses so I can escape from unwanted suitors, etc.). Honestly, it’s a lot of work now that I think about it — I would rather just watch TV in my pajamas.

The day of the screening happened to be a perfect Los Angeles summer day, clear skies and mid-80s out. Hannah, our resident master drink maker (check out her Instagram to get a taste of her genius: @spiritedla), suggested we start the festivities off with a boozy fruit salad. We felt like the Bad Moms would approve.

The ingredients:

  • Sliced watermelon
  • Sliced pineapple
  • Sliced mango
  • Prosecco champagne
  • Elderflower liqueur
  • Bitters

We'd tell you the exact amounts, but we honestly eyeballed it...which means we just poured everything until the bowl was full. GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Once everything was mixed together, we waited a few minutes for the fruit to soak up the booze, and then we feasted.

Hannah: I was 100% into it. Elderflower liqueur, prosecco, bitters, and fruit — the only weirdo who wouldn’t be into this is Alex because she doesn’t like fruit. How is that even possible? *hard eyeroll*

Delicious. Do we have any left over?

Ummm OK Hannah who doesn’t like vodka! *counter eyeroll*

After getting ready, we decided to head out to a dry bar a few blocks away from the office to really ~blow~ off our worries and get pampered. Also, anywhere you'll find champagne, you'll find us.

The dry bar was called Blo Blow Dry Bar (@bloheartsyou), and they really gave us the Hollywood celeb treatment.

Hannah: I’ve been to a dry bar a few times. Results have been mixed, but I’m always down for champagne and pampering, so I decided to take the risk. #brave

Kirby: I’ve been told these places offer you bubbly and make you beautiful, so I guess that’s what I was expecting.

Alex: This was my first time! I was expecting it to be amazing since that's the only thing I have ever heard about dry bars. I also expected to look fierce AF.

As you can see, Alex did end up looking fierce AF.

Kirby: It was great. They gave me some bubbly, and I left feeling beautiful, so I’d say my expectations were met!

Alex: I loved it! I loved being pampered, and I have never had champagne while getting my hair done, so this was straight-up heaven.

Several champagne flutes later, it was 5:30 p.m. and time to head out. Though we were told there'd be a cocktail hour, we tend to...over-prepare.

Hannah: I’m bringing bourbon. Lots of bourbon.

Kirby: I have a little bottle of vodka and a bourbon-filled flask disguised as a tampon in my bag.

Hannah: I brought the same flask and made the mistake of trying to put a cherry in it… Did not think that through. Very gross-looking.

Alex: I wish we had brought in the gross-looking tampon flasks — we could've scared people. I am planning on just letting go and getting weird.

Hannah: Can you guys tell how much fun Kirby and Alex are? They are almost intimidatingly joyful. The cocktail hour saw us reach our peak girls night out — we got drinks, did the obligatory photo booth pics, ate too much chocolate, complained about our bodies, took selfies... The works.

Kirby: It was great…until they closed the bar. But then they reopened the bar for one more round, so we survived.

Alex: Hannah took her natural role as leader and helped Kirby and I get our passes and took us to the cocktail hour.

At this point, we started frantically drunk-texting our co-worker Tyler.

Hannah: The cast of the movie came out and that was cool — they were all as annoyingly stunning IRL as they look in pictures. And of course, what girls night out would be complete without a surprise performance from Flo Rida?!?! Aside from the movie itself, the highlight of the night had to be watching him go to town on all the moms there. Booties were smacked. Mature moms got low, low, low, low. Alex had an excitement seizure. It was perfect.

Kirby: The Flo Rida surprise was cool…even a bit nostalgic since "Low" gives me major college flashbacks.

Alex: Ummm ONLY THE GREATEST SURPRISE EVER! FLO RIDA! Oh, and there was free candy.

Then came the actual screening of Bad Moms.

Hannah: Alex is NOT a mom, but this movie clearly spoke to her soul on a deep level. She reacted pretty exuberantly to almost every scene.

Kirby: The screening was great! However, sitting next to Alex as she watched the movie was an emotional roller coaster. She laughed, she cried, and she screamed.

Alex: I loved that movie! When Flo Rida’s “My House” played during the movie, I felt like everything came full circle and the world made sense.

Hannah: If every GNO included an Alex and a Krubby, I would probably never stay in. They are the best — we had drinks, there was laughing and crying at the movie, and I got to watch Flo Rida cause mass mom hysteria.

Kirby: I had a lot of fun! I think it was a super-successful GNO, and I’d totally be down to do this again…like, tonight. Hey, what are you guys doing tonight?!

Alex: It was a blast! I mean getting beautified, sippin’ on drinkies, and hanging with Hannah and Kirbs... What more could I ask for?!

After the screening, we tried to assign Bad Moms characters to each of us. We decided Kirby is like Kathryn Hahn's character, Carla, because she's a heroically hardcore badass. Alex is Kristin Bell’s character, Kiki, because she’s innocent and sweet. And Hannah would probably be Christina Applegate — she'd totally kick your kid off a soccer team for revenge.

Alex: I feel like we could definitely hang with the Bad Moms — they are really fun. Together we'd make an epic brunch crew...but they'd have to leave their kids at home.

Plan your "Ultimate Girls Night Out" with this Bad Moms Night Out planner. And go see Bad Moms, in theaters everywhere on July 29. Get your tickets here.

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