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13 Reasons We Want To Hang Out With Kate Walsh All The Time

Dear Kate, please consider our application to be your BFF. Catch Kate as Rebecca Wright on Bad Judge, Thursdays on 9/8c NBC.

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4. She's not afraid to jump barricades for causes she believes in.

...even if the cause is a good laugh.

8. She's not afraid to roll up her sleeves and do the hard work.

Bonus points: She'll mug to the camera while she does it, too.

9. She demystifies the Hollywood beauty regimen for us.

Glam. Glam all the time.

10. When it's #tbt time, she's not afraid to go there.

Picture of young Kate unabashedly loving Disneyland? Yes, please.

13. She's grateful.

We're glad to have you around too, Kate.

Hang out with Kate every Thursday night by watching Bad Judge, only on NBC.

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