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Top 6 Girl-on-Girl Rivalries In History

History has never been immune to lady drama. And take it from us, when it comes to rivalries, none are as vicious and ruthless as the female variety. For more rivalry action, catch the season premiere of Oxygen's most popular series, “Bad Girls Club,” Tuesday, December 1 at 10PM ET.Add your own favorite lady rivals here!

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  • 1. Mary Boleyn & Anne Boleyn

    This rivalry involves both a man and a throne. Mary took up with the King as his mistress yet Anne took the long-view at revenge and played coy until he broke away from the Catholic Church, had his wife executed and married her. No big deal.

  • 2. Hillary Clinton & Sarah Palin

    One says universal health care, one says you betchya. It was never going to work out.

  • 3. Foxy Brown & Lil Kim

    Foxy Brown accused her former friend, Lil Kim, of imitating her style spawned years worth of public dissing and all-round hip hop drama.

  • 4. Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie

    This one is pretty traditional case: Angelina stole Jen's man, Brad Pitt. Despite the fact that this happening years ago, it seems every other week they're on the cover of a new tabloid exchanging perfectly glossed sneers.

  • 5. Rosie O'Donnell & Elizabeth Hasselback

    Dang these girls like to yell at eachother. If only it was about anything we cared about. This rivalry got so screamy that Rosie eventually left her spot on The View.

  • 6. Serena & Blair

    This fictional, but no less delicious, rivalry is of the frenemy variety. Serena, the reformed bad girl, never ceases to irk her WASPy over-achieveing counterpart, Blair. High priced drama ensues.