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This Boy Is "Crying For America"

Kory Shore is a 14-year-old musician and he's very concerned about America's future.

Wonder Woman Costume In Action

Looks like the magic lasso of Internet Truth won out. A week ago, the web exploded with buzz over Adrianne Palicki's Wonder Woman costume looking a bit like fetish cosplay. Looks like someone over at NBC was listening. The heels are gone, the shiny pants are gone, the boots are red and the blue is more navy. Well done fellow fans!

Dogs With Knives

And swords! Don't turn your back on a canine. They'll cut you! They'll jack you up hard! They'll --awwww, who's a good boy? Who's a good --?! Arghh! And I'm dead. That's why you don't bring a knife to a cat fight, I mean gun fight. Er... something like that.

10 Cops Playing Solitaire On The Job

Police officers whiling away the time in their squad cars with a game of computer Solitaire. Vigilance!

Teen Mom Star In Crazy Front Yard Brawl

Everything that is wrong with America in one video. God help us all.

3 Million Pigs Buried Alive In South Korea

South Korea buries 3 million pigs alive, leaving them to suffocate within the earth as their screams of terror ring out.

Chris Brown Apologizes For 'Good Morning America' Outburst

Chris Brown appeared on BET and apologized for his behavior following the now infamous Good Morning America interview, saying he was "blowing off steam." That was some powerful, glass-shattering steam.

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Elizabeth Taylor's Funeral

While I am disgusted, I am not surprised.

I Breastfeed My Dad

There are no words.

Banged By Jesus

Jesus knows what the ladies like.

The Boy Who Went To Heaven

The boy who went to heaven talks heaven and God with Matt Lauer.

Dead Island Logo Censored

Guess the ESRB are members of PETZ: People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies. Zombies should be free! Free to roam and eat as nature intended. Not chained up like animals.

Pregnancy Belly Art

If you have it, flaunt it! Cute or creepy? I'm on the fence.

Bloody Loco

Fascinating confrontation on a New York City subway between a man calmly reading a book and a gentleman who insists on calling himself Bloody Loco. You better recognize that s**t, ASAP.

Somebody Get This Girl Her Own TV Show

Or better yet: her own network.

SXSW Firecracker Wake-Up Call

This prank is cruel. And loud. Turn the sound down. Seriously.

United States Strikes Libya

The United States, in concert with European air strikes, launched missiles into Libya today in an effort to enforce the United Nations no-fly zone and protect civilians from the regime of Muammar Gadaffi. Here is President Obama's statement on the strikes, codenamed Operation Odyssey Dawn.

Fighter Jet Shot Down Over Libya

Sky News has amazing footage of a fighter jet shot down over Benghazi, Libya, earlier this morning.The jet is thought to have been one of Khadaffi's, flying over Benghazi in a clear contravention of the declared ceasefire and the UN air strike threat. As of this afternoon, French jet planes are in the skies above Libya, preventing Khadaffi from attacking his own people. (Click through for footage of the crash.)

The Worst Metal Band Ever Rocks An Elementary School

Watch these guys rock the FACES off a crowd of young children. Sidenote: can someone tell me what happened to UFO pants?

Wonder Woman TV Reboot Off To A Bad Start

This is her costume? Really?

Ex-Gay iPhone App

Exodus International, a Christian ministry that specializes in helping people "leave homosexuality" to become "former homosexuals," has an iPhone application available for download in Apple's App Store. Ugh. There's an app for that. No word yet from Apple on why this doesn't violate their ban on apps that "contain hateful/violent/offensive content."

The Rebecca Effect

Starting now, Thursday was not yesterday and tomorrow is not Saturday. Party's over. Turn off the lights. Management has changed the days of the week, so this has run its course. Go home people, go home.

Top 20 Things White People Smell Like

White people smell the WORST.

Ark Music Factory Highlights

Rebecca Black is just the tip of the iceberg.

Baby Loves This Word

This is my new theme song for Mondays.

Manatee Faceplant Remix

Lumbering manatee smooshing his face into plate glass, now with a techno soundtrack. If only the manatee had glow sticks in its flippers.

5 Jokes Comedy Central Cut From The Situation's Roast

Apparently the Situation's roast was so bad that Comedy Central had to cut some of his jokes. The Snoop Dogg slave one is pretty nuts. Yiiiiiiiikes.

The Situation BOMBING At The Donald Trump Roast

He starts off okay, but things get really painful fast.

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