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World Cup

World Cup

The One Photo That Captures The Pathos Of Brazil's World Cup Collapse

Poor Brazil. The hosts are out after being thrashed 7-1 by Germany.

Germany Crushes Brazil 7-1 In World Cup Semifinal

Germany 7, Brazil 1. Just wow.

Brazilian Players Hold Neymar's Jersey During During The Anthem Before The Brazil-Germany Game

The star player is not playing the remaining matches of the World Cup due to a spinal cord injury.

120,000 Neymar Masks Were Distributed In Brazil Before The World Cup Semifinal

The Brazilian star player won't be playing due to injury, but expect to see about 60,000 cutouts of his face in the stands during the host country's match against Germany.

25 Motivos por los que todos amamos al Pocho Lavezzi

Porque este mundial ya lo ganó él.

Quem você é na Seleção Brasileira?

O único quiz pentacampeão.

This Video Shows A Group Of Argentine Fans Mocking Neymar's Injury

A fan rally in Brasília appears to have gotten out of hand.

The 23 Hottest Guys Left In The World Cup

AKA 23 Reasons You Should Still Be Watching The World Cup.

13 Imágenes que comprueban la superioridad futbolística del equipo argentino

Brasil decime que se siente, tener en casa a tu papá.

16 De los mejores memes que nos ha dado el mundial

En el 2014 cualquiera puede ser víctima de la Internet.

Twitter Actually Shuts The Hell Up When A Penalty Shoot-Out Happens

Twitter data suggests a really fascinating pattern.

The Most Socially Awkward Moment Of The World Cup So Far

Dutch goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen fails to get a high five after being replaced just before his team's penalty shootout against Costa Rica.

An Open Letter To The Colombian Team

Win or lose "Los Cafeteros" were one of the best parts of the World Cup.

The Most Touching Moment Of The 2014 World Cup

Respect for David Luiz and James Rodriguez.

Las 31 mejores imágenes que resumen el sentimiento mexicano

Porque todos sabemos que #NoEraPenal.

Claims The Algerian Football Team Is Going To Donate Its $9m World Cup Winnings To Gaza Called Into Question

Updated: It appears the story is a hoax, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Barack Obama Called Tim Howard Up And Told Him To Shave Off His Beard

"I don't know how you are going to survive the mobs when you come back home man."

Este es el tema no-oficial del Mundial Brasil 2014 en Argentina

Hola Brasil, te estamos mirando, queremos jugar.

El #MundialPorLiniers es el mejor mundial de todos

Señores y Señoras: Ya tenemos un ganador.

#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave Is The Correct Hashtag For One Man's Incredible Performance

He is a giant among men, and the internet understands this.

Tim Howard Is America's Lord And Savior, Despite World Cup Loss

You did everything you could, Tim. Thanks for being our guy.

Some Dude Ran On The Field During The World Cup

And he got out there pretty far.

CNN Host's Patriotic Man-Breast Trick

I guess you could say Chris Cuomo did it for the Vine

Waffle House Social Media Accounts Just Declared War Against Belgian Waffles

For a fast food chain, this is a pretty high level of sass.

Brazil's Goalkeeper Julio Cesar Looks An Awful Lot Like Buzz Lightyear

Guarding goals and guarding the galaxy are pretty much the same thing.

This USA World Cup Video Will Pump You Up Like Nothing Else

If this doesn't make your heart swell with pride, I don't know what will.

Luis Suárez Kind Of, Sort Of, Not Really Admits To Biting A Dude

Suárez apologizes for biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini, but says the bite was a result of the "collision he suffered with me."

For Everyone That's Obsessed With The Brazilian Perfection That Is Neymar

I want to keep him in my pocket and pull him out and make him dance for me.

As 10 fotos de jogadores mais curtidas desta Copa segundo o Facebook

Neymar, Messi e Cristiano Ronaldo são os campeões.

Estes 16 gifs de David Luiz dançando enlouquecidamente no "Esquenta" irão salvar seu dia

Por favor, David Luiz, faça mais gols e dance assim pra gente.

25 Reasons Colombia's James Rodríguez Should Be Your Favorite Person Ever

Meet the next "King James." Or should we say Ha-mes.

14 Razones por las que México siempre será asombroso

A pesar de que ya no sigamos participando en la Copa Mundial y tengamos unas cuantas lagrimas en nuestros ojos, seguimos siendo los mejores.

14 Reasons Why Mexico Will Always Be Awesome

We might be out of the World Cup, and we might have a tear or two in our eyes, but we're still the best in the world.

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