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Dubstep Dog

Dubstep Dog rocks out to some face-melting bass

20 Dogs Dressed As Hot Dogs

There is nothing more enjoyable than dressing up a ballpark frank with all the fixings on a hot summer day. Dressing you dog as a hot dog…This can be even more fun! That’s why we put together this list of 20 dogs dressed as hot dogs. Want more LOL pet videos? Subscribe to Petsami Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

Has Dubstep Gone To The Dogs?

Dubstep's ubiquity has now penetrated the canine world. But is it better than a cat?

A Dog And His Snowcoat

This chic look is definitely in for puppies everywhere come Fall 2012. It probably won't be keeping anyone very warm, though...

20 Pugs Dressed As Yoda & Darth Vader

If you were wondering why your Facebook newsfeed was flooded with Star Wars posts, May 4th was Star Wars Day! In honor of this incredibly amazing holiday, we put this list together of 20 Pugs Dressed As Yoda And Darth Vader.

Dog Makes a Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

Dogarita anyone? Watch as I help my human whip one up in celebration of Cinco de Mayo! I put the ice in the blender, hand her the bottles of fake tequila and mix, put on the lid and help turn it on. It's all doggie safe of course :)

English Bulldog Frog Hunting

Our English Bulldog is practicing his hunting techniques. They say practice makes perfect ... soon he will be able to go bird hunting!

Cats And Dogs, Living Together!

Joey and Bruin really like each other, in a way that the Democrats and Republicans never will. Oooh political!

Amazing Canine Billy Joel Impersonator

Imagine you are Billy Joel, and you have a dog. Then imagine what that dog might do when left Home Alone.

Bulldog Skateboarding In Union Square

Bulldog Puppy meets some friends in Union Square and takes a try at the Skateboard...Fearless

Dogs In Cars: California

You may remember Dogs in Cars from a while back. The video's creator has just released a new video, "Dogs in Cars: California edition", and it is awesome.

The Bath Trick

Poor Boomer. Way to toy with his emotions, owner.

Dog Guards Owner's Bike From Being Stolen

This Golden Retriever in China is a local celebrity known for standing guard over his owners bicycle. Let's see your cat do this!

It's Copper, The ViDOGrapher!

Copper chooses to film people being natural in their natural environments. He's a good boy.

Dog Meets Wolf

This video might disappoint a few. [ed note: A few who are hoping to see a dog get eaten by a wolf? Prepare for cute and you'll love it.]

Where Is Puppy?

In the Cabinet?

Doctor Woof

You could take over the world with something this adorable. "He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And... he's wonderful."

Cute Skateboarding Puppy Dog Goes To Skate Park!

Watch this little skater girl rock it! At the making of this video she had only been skating for 12 short days. And, believe it or not, she's still just a pup! Pretty pawsome, huh? Let's be friends, "LIKE" our Facebook page for future skating videos, Vegas doggie adventures and more!

Movies Gone Corgi

What if every movie could be Corgified? It would be a Corgicopia!

Dog Must Hold Your Hand While Riding

Some dogs have blankets or toys for comfort but Shiro the Siberian Husky clearly needs some human support while riding in the car.

Pugs, Not Drugs

Pugs, not drugs

Box Traps Adorable Puppy

A cute puppy finds himself trapped in a pretty harmless situation. It ended up being a really cute moment though!

Secret Button That Makes Dogs Sit

There is a button on all dogs’ back, when pressed—they magically sit. Don’t believe me, then watch for yourselves. Watch more videos at

@god Posts A Cute Vid Of Sining Puppy

A cute puppy goes ballistic singing while a piano is gently played in the background.

Beautiful Collie!

A beautiful collie dog breed that plays with a blue ball,his name is Gotye!

The Best Martingale Dog Collar Reviews!

Did you ever want to know what kind of collar you should get for your dog? Then come and visit us for the best reviews and advice about fitting collars and the health and safety measures you can take for your precious pooch!

This Is The Saddest Thing In The World Today

This puppy just learned of an awful scientific fact about puppies! Click through to see why this puppy is so sad.

Dog Fight Ends With Kiss

A young beagle learns that fighting with older, more experienced female dogs can lead to first kisses.

Awesome Music Composer

Two cute doggies are making music notes perfectly just like a professional music composer.

Coolest Puggle Ever

No description needed, his attitude says it all.

Singing Dog Plays A Masterpiece

Simply beautiful. This pup learned how to play the piano and howl a melody.

Dog Dance Disaster

This lemon beagle, Maymo gets a bit carried away doing his wet food dance.

Fido Frolic & Film

Humans and their furry friends got together at the BB&T Ball park in Winston-Salem, NC for a screening of "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". Dog lovers unite!

How To Train Your Pitbull (comedy)

How To Train Your Pitbull 3 Easy Tricks! Paw Sit Lie Down Like us on Facebook

Blind Girl Reunited With Stolen Therapy Dog

The wicked dognapper had a change of heart and brought Millie back. Pit bulls are often stolen to be used for fighting, but Millie's ordeal had a happy ending, mercifully.

Dog Paints An Abstract Masterpiece!

Not bad for a former pound pup, eh? Woof! I'm Arbor, aka the Go Vegas Dog. When I'm not on the town shooting my Vegas doggie adventures, I love exploring my creative side :) 'LIKE' me on Facebook,

10 Pugs Who Look Like Things

Who knew the world's most ridiculous-looking breed of dog was such a chameleon?

This Is Taz. This Is Taz Freaking Out.

meet taz, our lil pomeranian puppy. my sister kylie shot this video after her bath. ive never seen a dog flop around like this before, i laughed my ass off!

Dog's Facial Expressions

Gordo is very expressive and always uses his face to convey his emotions and feelings.

Baby Solo And His Millennium Falcon

Every 9 month old needs his own Millennium Falcon. At least, the Karpiuks think so. It took them three months to complete this cardboard and papier-mâché Star Wars prop for their son Liam, but boy, it was worth it for the adorable factor alone.

Pug Hates Furby

My Pug Winston hates Furby very much! & i don't think Furby likes him much because he keeps saying, "Me so scared!"

Free Pugs (Video)

A man lovingly hands FREE PUGS out to people in the streets.

Glasses For Dogs

Warby Barker's new Canine Collection introduces a brand new way to torture your dog while maintaining the cutting edge of 'high fashion'.

Puppy Loves Hair

Little puppy tries to eat some hair.

Rottweiler Love

Cows are obviously good judges of character. Rotties have a bad reputation, but it's really uncalled for.

Goggy Doggy!

Check out these hipster poochies! To Kool for skool!

18 Photos Of Kids And Dogs Sharing Things Together

Witness what can be some of the most selfish things on earth doing a whole lotta sharing with each other. Trust me, it's adorable.

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