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All Dogs Go To Heaven

Grab a slow motion camera, mount in on a remote control car, and take a pleasure drive through doggie heaven.


bluskee at home looking for fun, always happy!

Knuckles The Corgi Mix Is Back

Here is some more adorable pictures of Knuckles...because I KNOW the first one was not enough. He is irresistible.

How Smart Do You Think A Pitbull Is?

A pitbull that is properly raised and socialized in a loving environment will remain friendly and faithful They make wonderful companions for kids, and are great family pets when properly trained and socialized Pitbulls are a breed that requires a lot of attention, training, and dedication keep your pet mind stimulated In this video my kids will show you how smart Remy is and how she interacts with them My sons tell Remy to touch certain objects a Ipod and a Ps3 controller and she does it with no problem

25 Dogs That Love Reading

These dogs are just catching up with their summer reading. What do dogs like to read about? Dogs, mostly. Also, a significant number of literate dogs seem to need glasses.

English Bulldog Gets A Bath

This is not Gordo's favorite activity but he knows that regular baths are important to maintaining his good looks :)

17 Pugs With Broken Dreams

How many among us wonder what our lives would have been like if we'd accepted that job, gone after that guy, or taken that trip to Europe? How would our lives be different? These pugs also ponder such things.

Cute Brown Poodle BB Doing Tricks

This was our second compilation of our miniature poodle BB's various tricks when he was 10 months old. My wife and I trained him ourselves.

Loveable Pooches With Different Colored Eyes

If your pooch has "heterochromia", there’s no need to feel blue about their odd-colored eyes. A heterochromic dog will see perfectly fine through both of its different-colored eyes. ‘Vive la difference’!

Got Pug?

Pugs are living proof that God has a sense of humor

11 Dog Breeds You Never Knew Existed

You might think you are smart about dogs. Here is a list of pooches from around the world, most of which you won't see on your morning stroll.

Dog Loves Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is Margo favorite dainty. This gum was stolen from the trash bin and brutally chewed on the floor.

Highlights From The Dog Frisbee Championships

Don't step to these dogs. These dogs have mad frisbees skills and they don't care who knows it. Does your dog have frisbee skills? No? Didn't think so.

Whippets Wed In Dazzling Ceremony

These dogs have been living in sin for far too long..... This weekend we changed all that by throwing a 'glittering event' for the lovebirds/dogs


My puggle doesn't get ANGRY BIRDS, either!

Daredevil Dog

This crazy canine loves to live life on the edge. Skydiving and Jet skiing are all in a days work for this extreme sports loving pooch.

14 Dogs Sneezing

These are the cutest responses you'll ever see to the high pollen counts plaguing the country this year.

12 Dogs Waiting Patiently For Dinner

Whether it's beer or birthday cake, these dogs have no shame in using extreme cuteness to get the yum-yums they rightfully deserve.

Funny Dog Goes To "Pawn Stars" To Sell Bone

Las Vegas doggie celeb, Arbor, goes to the famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop where the hit History Channel show "Pawn Stars" is filmed. "Like" her on Faceboook for more of her adventures.

Japanese Dog Circus

The Super Wan Wan Dog Circus in Tsukuba City, Japan is absolutely amazing. All the dogs involved are from animal rescue!

Dog Auctions Her Own Artwork To Help Injured Bait Puppy

Hudson was a bait dog used for dog fighting, then set on fire and left to die. Arbor, a rescue dog herself, is auctioning off one of her paintings to raise money for Hudson's medical expenses. Please check out the eBay auction and SHARE to raise awareness.

Silly Hopping Dog

This is a funny video we filmed of Dino, a White golden retriever, hopping and playing at Henderson Springs in Big Bend, CA.

Amazing Dogs Skateboarding At Stuttgart

The Boston Terrier Gang of 3, Mia , Neo, and Tuxedo skating in front of the Mercedes-Benz museum at Stuutgart Germany. Tuxedo, the more proficient goes down the stairs and goes around the fountain.

12 Dogs On Slides

"The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it." -Thucydides

Puppy Pinwheel

A group of puppies go round and round a food bowl. Anyone else get dizzy watching this?

Pet Skateboarding

The gang of 3 Boston Terrier Mia 8 months old, Neo 4 years old and Tuxedo 6 years old skateboarding on the square of Notre dame cathedral in Strasbourg FRANCE

13 Awesome Dogs That Support Gay Marriage

Gay marriage doesn't really effect the law of dogs, but they're still into it. Let's be real, getting your belly rubbed by Freddie Mercury or Ellen Degeneres sounds pretty awesome even for humans.

9 Bulldogs High-Fiving

If you're in the mood to aww out loud, these little tubs o' joy should help do the trick.

3 Dogs And A Fan

This Memorial Day weekend, take a cue from Clancy, Bruce, and Ronnie, and beat the heat in the cutest way possible.

The Hand That Feeds

My dog Franklin has an interesting philosophy when it comes to food.

These Dogs Play The Piano Better Than You

These dogs play the "Flea Waltz" on their piano by listening to their trainer's whistle and matching the pitches on the keyboard. They're definitely doing better than some of the nine year olds I've taught piano.

Emo Dog Feels Down

Franklin looked especially sad in the park this dreary morning.

Campy Surfing Dog Video

The indifference in the Boston Terrier's expression makes this the perfect illustration of my brain when people are talking and I don't care about a word they are saying.

Exorcising The Boston Terror

Tired of walking your dog? For those days when doing anything more strenuous than standing around swinging a fishing pole seems like too much exertion, Ben has developed this special method for exorcising the demons from young Tilda. This possessed little Boston Terrier will do this forever -- or until Ben's just too tired of standing around to do it any longer.

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