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Can You Get Through This Post Without Tickling Your Screen?

It's scientifically proven there's nothing better than a pink puppy belly. If you can get through this post without touching your screen, you might want to get your soul checked.

Savour Every Moment

Celebrate the joy of pets (in super slow motion) in this short film by "Dogs in Cars" creator Keith Hopkin. Made possible by an artistic grant from Petcurean Pet Nutrition [ ]. Follow Keith Hopkin on facebook and twitter

These Corgi Dogs Are Manlier Than You

These Corgis love to get dirty and ride around in awesome about being tough!

Meet The Corgi Cheering On Boston

This is Gracie, the corgi from Alabama who became a Boston Red Sox Fan after the marathon bombings. Because corgis care too.

10 Photos Of The Cutest Corgi Puppy

Henry the Corgi puppy is just 8 weeks old and is ready to melt the hearts of millions! Corgi Cuteness -

20 Dogs Explaining Why Costumes Are The Best...

Because costumes should be worn more than once a year...

7 Reasons England's Crufts Dog Show Beats Westminster

You thought Westminster was impressive? Try Britain's Crufts. Billed as the "biggest and best celebration of dogs," the show kicks off March 7 in Birmingham, England. Here's a look at just how canine crazy Crufts is.

Baby Reacts To Tea Cup Chihuahua

And it's adorable....... Enjoy!

Dogs Eating Ice Cream

Because yup.

10 Reasons Why Shiba Inus Are Awesome

and make great city pets!

14 Things You Should Know About Grant The Corgi

A few facts about one chubby corgi.

When She's Not Screaming At Werewolves...

*here's the calm & peaceful Gigglepup*

25 Famous Dogs

A list of 25 Celebrity Dogs.

Unique, Rare & Extreme Dog Breeds

When you think of a typical dog, what do you imagine? Probably not one of these lesser-known breeds.

The Uber-Fantasticness That Is Floyd

My dog Floyd. The coolest, cuddliest, softest dog ever born.

Frito Prepared For The End Of The World.

My boston terrier Frito is prepared for the end of the world.

Me & Maisy The Singing Miniature Schnauzer!

And you thought Tulisa has talent!...

18 Fine Art Photographs Of Adorable Weimaraners

Sunday marks the 69th birthday of artist William Wegman, perhaps best known for photographs of his pet weimaraners spanning multiple decades. Because when cute dogs meet fine art, everyone wins.

Overly Photogenic Dog

Rocky will not let anyone pass the front desk until he gets a treat. He will use cuteness every time to get one.

Puppy Totally Excited Over New Toys

An adorable puppy is totally overwhelmed after receiving some new toys following a trip to the vet.

We Found A Dog In The Middle Of Nowhere In Wyoming, Starved, Frozen, So We Took Him Home. Here's The Story.

We found a dog in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, starved, frozen, so we took him home. Here's the story.

Why My Dogs Hate Me

I'm pretty sure my dogs are going to kill me in my sleep

That Moment: Dog Owners

When you sit down to eat a sandwich and you look up and see this.


Lex, our Aussie Shepherd/Boxer mix, catching raindrops.

Bulldog Tries To Get Licorice On A Stick

Its the only way we can keep Jackson awake. Follow him on facebook

Dogs Visited Design Center

Mia, Neo and Tuxedo visited the New Design Center at Montpellier FRANCE

Dog Gets Groomed With Vacumm

This is freaking adorable!

A Cat And A Dog Trying To Eat Each Other

Mango and Milkshake just can't get enough of each other. But are they just play-fighting, or are they actually really, really hungry?

Ninja Puppy Steals His Friend's Lunch

Check under your tables and lock up your houses, this sly little dog is hungry and he'll take any opportunity to grab what he can get. He's certainly stolen my heart!

A Cat Chasing A Dog Chasing A Leash

Anything this dog can do, this cat can do better.

6 Corgi Puppies Sleep Their Way Into Your Heart

Learn how to count to six with these cute corgi puppies. They even come with a making-of video!


Kingsley loves going on long walks on the beach, lounging by the pool and is very photogenic. She is very shy when it comes to dating websites.

Sheep Watch Doberman And Shepherd Play-Fight

I wonder who they're rooting for?

Another Super Cute Hammie The French Bulldog Video

Hammie the French Bulldog doing what she does best; being uber-cute. One you won't regret watching.

Furry Cute

French Bulldogs, Frenchie, pets, funny, pets, dog

Dog With Dancing Ears

Tetris the cute borzoi has dancing ears. Yes, he is not moving his ears on his own, but that face makes it all worth it.

Hiking With Our Dog – Yosemite National Park

My wife and I took a road trip during the middle of July to visit several national parks in central California. Our Olde English Bulldog Gordo is a seasoned traveler who enjoys a good road trip. Traveling to national parks with your dog(s) can be a challenge, but if you plan well ahead, it can be very enjoyable experience for you and your dog(s). The websites for each NP clearly stated where dogs are/are not permitted and of course if you have any questions when you arrive, we always found the rangers to be very helpful in guiding us in the right direction. This video was filmed while hiking on the Wawona Meadow Loop, a designated dog allowed (on a leash of not more than 6 feet) trail. The trail is approximately 3.5 miles long. Please remember to bring plenty of water and pickup after your dog!!!

Sweet Homeless Dogs Matched With New Owners

The Public Association for Animal Protection organized a charity event in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, to find new best friends and families for these wonderful pups. Meet a very special dog named Christmas, and others who were looking for love in all the right places.

Fly Round

Dogs like to dance

Tips On Obedience

obedient pit bull

Dog Water Sports

Margo playing in the water: bubble bite, splash run and snout diving!

The Love Of Dogs

The beautiful expressions of 58 dogs in under 4 minutes.

Dog Creates New Game: Noseball

Amidst the fervor of the Olympics, a little black dog teaches us a new sport.

Message To My Subscribers!!! And Loyal Viewers ✔

Remy wants to send a message to her loyal viewers

Amazing Dogs On Surfboards

There are dogs in the world that surf... and they're good at it. Your argument is irrelevant.

25 Dogs With Underbites

These dogs are just so ugly they are cute. I guess they are the ultimate "underdog."

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