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The Amazing Art Of Breeze

Pacifico, a well-traveled beer, is hitting the road...on tap! And not without some excellent company. Phoenix born artist, Breeze, will be tagging a local bike shop to showcase art inspired by Pacifico. Not sure what to expect? Check out some of his incredible work and make sure you follow along as Pacifico makes its way around the USA!

Passport And Reality

This project by Suren Manvelyan and Biayna Mahari shows how different can look a person in real life and in his own passport photo. People change every minute and the only thing that stays still is their passport photo. The photo on the left is from a valid passport and the photo on the right is their current portrait. (Via Official Hype)

Animal Art Made With Maps

These Prints by Jason LaFerrera of Animals made with antique maps are classy and really cool. Found item art projects are the best. They are also pretty pricey, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate how pretty they are. (Via The Uniblog)

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