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Time Waster

The Organ Trail (Game Battle)

It's just like the old Oregon Trail. Except with Zombies. Yes, you can still get dysentery.

Gravitee Wars [Game Battle]

Use gravity to blast your enemies into oblivion before fleeing to the other side of your tiny planet and avoid incoming missiles.

Survival Lab

Use your skillz to stay alive amidst a barrage of bombs and lasers. Collect coins! This game is utterly mindless, but I'm enjoying it.

My First Quantum Translocator

Use Your Quantum Translocator to navigate these clever little puzzle levels. Post screenshots if you beat it. This game is kind of hard! (Via.)

Murloc RPG (Game Battle)

Just because Blizzard won't let you play as a Murloc doesn't mean you can' long as you don't mind dubious copy-right infringement.

Continuity [Game Battle]

Grab the red key and get to the door on each level of this simple stick figure game. Or is it games? Use the space bar to zoom and the arrow keys to arrange your playscreens to complete each level.

Deep Diver (Game Battle)

Take your cute little submarine captain into the deeps in search of buried treasure! But don't let him run out of Oxygen! Otherwise he will asphyxiate, which is an incredibly painful way to die.


Click to create orbs, then listen to the sounds they make as they pulsate.

Doodle Blast

Draw lines to send the balls into the container. Not only is Doodle Blast the most fun you can legally have on a Monday afternoon, it will also increase your productivity at work!*

Galaxy Jumper [Game Battle]

There is literally nothing on the Internet today. The Internet is a wasteland where hapless buzzminers like myself go to starve and eventually die.

Home Sheep Home [Game Battle]

In this cute flash game from the makers of Shaun the Sheep, you must get Shirly, Shaun and Timmy home safely.

Winter Bells [Game Battle]

Happy Friday! The goal of this game is to try to keep the rabbit up in the air by jumping from bell to bell, the birds give you double points and the bells get smaller as you climb to the top.

Darkness 2 [Game Battle]

You are surrounded by darkness and you have nothing but paint to lead the way to the next level. Avoid threats and traps that may come.


Save the platypus species by crafting a cell that will be sent to another planet, if you have the right knowledge in biology!

Gluey [Game Battle]

Combine little gluey blobs into bigger gluey blobs until you have no gluey blobs left! It's the most fun you'll have playing with gluey blobs since kindergarten.

Don't Shit Your Pants [Game Battle]

In this simple text-adventure game, you must figure out how to get to the bathroom without shitting your pants. Pretty self explanatory, really. Good luck!

Jolls (Game Battle)

Your aim in this physics-based puzzle game is to help the Jolls collect their runaway kids.

Isoball 2 [Game Battle]

Get the ball in the hole using blocks and stuff. This is the best game you will play all day and all other games are bad.

Kitten Cannon [Game Battle]

Make Fluffy bloody! The best thing you can hope for is that these kitties hit a pile of explosives. Anyone who has something bad to say about this game is just plain sick .

Crush The Castle 2 (Game Battle)

One way to think about this awesome game is that Scott and Tanner are represented by the effete, bourgeois fops hiding in their castle and you are wielding the righteous trebuchet of justice to punish them for their crimes against all that is decent and good.

Chase Goose

You are a goose running from some disgusting disembodied head. Protips: It's "Z" not "2", and when it says "start holding shift" you have to keep holding shift from then on.

Loved [Game Battle]

LISTEN UP, BUZZPOKES! We can't let that bastard Jack win Game Battle this week. Luckily, I found an awesome game for you all. Loved is a moody and stylish game that emphasizes story-telling over the gimmicky techniques that some nefarious editors rely on.

Card Toss Game (Game Battle!)

This game is simple and pretty awesome. I don't have access to tons of other accounts like certain other people in the office, so I can't really give you all the false impression that my game is the best. But it really is!


[Update: It's Game Battle Day! Let's get this battle of games started!] I was going to wait for the Game Battle, but I was just too excited because this game is awesome. The aim, pretty much, is to hurl dinosaurs into space and watch them die. I'd challenge you to beat my high score, but I know none of you carry the same rage that I do about dinosaurs.


You point, click, drag, and drop things. For some reason this is actually fun.

Pirate Defense

Build a maze of traps (and triggers to set them off) to fend off pirates. And there’s a fun pirate song too! The traps are a fun twist for the genre.


Help the acid-casualty panda shoot the balls into the balls to make the balls disappear.


This FFFUUU-inducing Tetris clone spits out the statistically worst possible piece with every move.

Imperfect Balance

Be subversive. Unbalance the blocks. Create chaos from order. Trust me; it'll be fun.


Train your duck to be the best racing duck on the circuit!

Alphabet Shoot

Use the ASDF keys to gratuitously murder the corresponding letters.

MegaDrill (Game Battle)

Here's a really fun upgradey type game involving a drill. Collect the cash money to upgrade your drill machine.

Record Tripping (Game Battle!)

A crazy audio-interactive puzzle game that uses a blend of Alice in Wonderland storybook audio and beats, mixed with simple controls and complex puzzles.

Wanna re-experience King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and all those other awesome Sierra games? Yeah, me too.


An addictive Flash game where you create grids into pictures.

First Person Tetris

Think you're good at Tetris? Then you haven't tried this version. When you rotate a block, you also rotate your perspective. If you want a real challenge, check out night mode.

Fantasy of the Sord

Here's a delightfully retro platformer to help you get through the rest of Monday.

The Company Of Myself

An atmospheric, incredibly emo puzzle platformer. Immerse yourself in your own unutterable loneliness and solve puzzles at the same time!

Unicorn Vs. Narwhal, The Game

Two natural born enemies face off in a battle to the death in Unicorn Vs. Narwhal! Control six different characters (all horned, and mystical, of course) as they rumble in space, under water, and near a fantastical castle of course.

Guardian Rock

A nifty little puzzle game in which the object is to crush some pesky, meddling archaeologists with a big rock.

Red Fluxion

The premise of this game is that there are some things in space that you need to blow up.

Full Moon

A cute little point-and-click puzzle game from Bart Bonte.


Play tunes by clicking different points in the video slider. This is a completely absurd way to try and play music. (I've linked some more fun YouTube hacks below.) Via Make.

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