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Rain Check

Rain Check

Post-Rapture Billboard

As promised, Reddit user xtcg123 responded to Harold Camping's billboard campaign proclaiming the Rapture with a billboard campaign of his own in Greensboro, NC, my hometown!

8 Cheap Ways To Avoid The Rapture

Not everyone can afford last minute airfare around the world. Afraid your goody-two-shoes ways will keep you from experiencing the post-Rapture party? Worry no more! These helpful tips will keep even the most devout from ascending to eternal glory.

9 Things That Could End the World at Any Time

With the end of the world rapidly approaching, it couldn't hurt to look at how it might all go down. Or in the unlikely event the world does not end on May 21, 2011, it's still nice to know there are at least 9 real world-ending things that don't necessarily require divine intervention to end all life as we know it. (Via)

Millerism And The Great Disappointment

Harold Camping isn't the first self-proclaimed prophet to calculate a date for the rapture. In 1833, William Miller predicted the rapture would occur around 1843. The Millerite movement gradually gained followers in the early 1840s, culminating in the Great Disappointment when Jesus failed to appear in October, 1844. Despite their disappointment, the Millerites made some interesting theological charts. Take a moment and check them out.

5 Things To Do If You Get Left Behind In The Rapture (Illustrated By Cute Animals!)

If you're reading this after Saturday, it means that the evangelicals are all gone and, worse - they were right the whole time. Don't you feel like an asshole? Oh, and also, sucks about all those earthquakes and the pestilence and the locusts, huh?

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