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Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 6/14

2-Down: 2004 Ashlee Simpson hit in which she expresses her desire to sing a song she doesn't know the lyrics to with someone in the kitchen on the floor.

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 5/18/16

8-Across: Hourlong period where you can just forget about the world in the dim, sweaty room you've dreamt about all day and, like the instructor says, just leave it all on the bike.

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 5/11/16

11-Across: Works like my short story where Legolas, Katniss, and I develop a messy psychosexual three-way relationship at an archery retreat in upstate New York.

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword

8-Across: Oinker originally developed for medical research and now used for how adorable an animal can be research

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