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Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 6/14

2-Down: 2004 Ashlee Simpson hit in which she expresses her desire to sing a song she doesn't know the lyrics to with someone in the kitchen on the floor.

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 6/6/16

1-Down: Onetime Disney Channel alter ego of Hannah, current twerker/rabble-rouser/all-purpose racial reappropriator

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 5/20/16

15-Across: Oscar winner who's playing Newt Scamander in the newest Harry Potter product... I mean movie

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 5/18/16

8-Across: Hourlong period where you can just forget about the world in the dim, sweaty room you've dreamt about all day and, like the instructor says, just leave it all on the bike.

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 5/11/16

11-Across: Works like my short story where Legolas, Katniss, and I develop a messy psychosexual three-way relationship at an archery retreat in upstate New York.

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 5/10/16

16-Across: "Rocket Power" protagonist who was super arrogant for a guy who's leading a surfing gang of one dude and his sister.

Today's Crossword, 5/4/16

12-Down: Comedy Central sitcom starring Abbi and Ilana as Abbi and Ilana

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 5/2/16

13-Across: Musical genre you could also use to censor the f-word if you're too scared to say it like Bruno Mars

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 4/29/16

29-Across: Fictional twins who live in a hotel and often terrorize the guest (no, not "The Shining"...)

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword

Can you figure out the bonus theme answer in today's medium crossword?

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword

A perfect puzzle for new solvers! Don't be shy, try the easiest and teensiest BuzzFeed puzzle of the week!

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