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Protect Your Parents From The Internet Week

The Honest Truth About Being Raised By An Extremely Online Parent

“He helped me create my Twitter account when I was 5.”

Baby Boomers Can’t Stop Sharing Photos Of Their Grandkids. Millennial Parents Aren’t Happy.

Parents who choose not to post photos of their kids on social media struggle when Facebook-happy older relatives break the rules.

How Nextdoor Became *The* Platform For Scammers To Rip Off Your Parents

Nextdoor is a great place to complain about a neighbor’s barking dog. It’s also a petri dish for low-level crime.

What To Do If The Older People In Your Life Are Sharing False Or Extreme Content

“What do you do when your parents go from posting Minions to posting hard-right memes about cement milkshakes?”

What To Do When Your Parents Are Embarrassing You Online

Family therapists share expert tips on how to confront the people who raised you.

Older Indians Drive Millennials Crazy On WhatsApp. This Is Why They're Obsessed.

Young Indians are hooked to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. But for older Indians, WhatsApp is the ultimate social network.

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