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Did Taylor Swift's "You Need To Calm Down" Video Rip Off Beyoncé's "Party" Video?

"Beyoncé had leftover props from her Party video... It’s nice she is letting the girls use her things."

Patrice Peck • 7 hours ago

Do You Have The Same Color Associations As Everyone Else?

To me, the letter A is red. What's it to you?!

Stephen LaConte • 8 hours ago

Would You Date This Famous Gemini Man?

It's Gemini season, so let's talk about how dateable these famous Gemini dudes are!

Sorry, Only Die-Hard Swifties Will Be Able To Answer These Taylor Swift Polls

♫ And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate ♫

12 Of The Toughest Home "Would You Rather" Questions

Would you rather live in a chic LA studio or a spacious Wisconsin house?

Can You Guess These Presidential Candidates Based On Their Most Popular Talking Points?

With 23 Democrats running for president, it's hard to find a distinctive voice. Can you recognize them from their signature phrases on Twitter?

Do You Actually Behave Like Everyone Else When You're Alone?

You might not be as weird as you think.

Choose How To Punish These People Who Left Waiters Ridiculous Things As "Tips" Instead Of Money

Waiters: "That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!"

How Many Of These Horror Films Have You Actually Seen?

I'm truly terrified, and I love it.

Can You Actually Choose Between These Delicious Breakfast Foods?

“Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”

LET'S SETTLE THIS: What Is The CORRECT Name For These Things?

We all know they're delicious, but what is their REAL name???

Migraine Sufferers: We Have Some Questions For You

Us migraine sufferers have OPINIONS.

Victoria Hess • 2 hours ago

We Tried The Famous "Star Wars" Blue Milk And It Was Basically Magic In A Glass

The Milk Stand in Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland is open for business!

"The Perfection" Stars Logan Browning And Allison Williams Played The Creepiest "Would You Rather" Game Ever

"Is there a way for both of us to lose? I think that's how well we've done."

Just Another Hogwarts Sorting Quiz Except It's Not — You Get To Decide Which House These Animals Are In

This isn't your average sorting quiz because cute animals are involved!

The Ultimate Summer Vacation Poll

Tell us how you summer.

Sophie Turner Had Some Thoughts About Sansa’s Ending On “Game Of Thrones”

“I think Sansa stopped wanting that throne, she stopped wanting to rule over people the minute she got to King’s Landing.”

Here's How Maisie Williams Felt About Arya's Ending And What She Wished Would Have Happened

“It gave me a place to take Arya that I never thought I’d go with her again.”

Do You Think The Same Way As Other People For Weddings?

Are we really still wearing white wedding dresses because of tradition?

12 Tough "Would You Rather?" Questions: The Home Edition

Would you rather live in a sprawling Texas mansion or a chic New York City duplex?

Hey Bachelor Nation — How Do Your "Bachelor" Opinions Compare To Everyone Else's?

It's time for Hannah B. to find love. Let's take a trip down Bachelor memory lane!

Let's Talk About Jaime Lannister's Betrayal On "Game Of Thrones"

What is Jaime Lannister up to? Warning: contains spoilers.

Poll: Rate These Met Gala Looks

Which Met Gala look do you love and which do you loathe?

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