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Kelly Martinez 4 hours ago

Would You Rather: Normal Food Vs. Fast Food

Normal iced coffee or fast food iced coffee? You decide.

Sarah Aspler 20 minutes ago

Moby Got Giant "Animal Rights" Arm Tattoos To Match His Giant "Vegan For Life" Neck Tattoo

His right arm says "ANIMAL" and his left arm says "RIGHTS."

Maybe They Had A Point... Are These Disney Villains Evil Or Misunderstood?

Perhaps they aren't as evil as we thought. Except Gaston. He sucks.

People Are Loving The Idea Of These Introvert-Friendly Shopping Baskets At This Sephora

The color-coded baskets can help introverts shop in solitude.

Defend The Honor Of Your Favorite Emo Songs By Voting In This Poll

*jumps into the mosh pit of this poll's comment section*

It's Time To Get Honest About How Terrible Your Contact Lens Hygiene Is

Admit it: You've licked them before, haven't you?

Let's See How Your "The Good Place" Opinions Compare To Everyone Else's

Should Chidi and Eleanor REALLY end up together?

Henry Golding Said "Sleigh" Or "Nay" To These Christmas Trends, And So Can You

We need to noel if you agree with Henry Golding's choices.

You Can Only Pick One Of These TV Brothers

Sorry, you can only pick one Scott brother!

Do You Have The Same K-Pop Mullet Opinions As Everyone Else?

Please remember Hongjoong's mullet with me.

Do You Have The Same First Date Red Flags As Everyone Else?

Is it OK to ghost after at the first date?

How Popular Are Your "Stranger Things" Opinions?

Let's settle this: El or Max?

How Popular Are Your Opinions On These Imaginary K-Pop Collaborations?

IMHO, these should totally be real collaborations. @artists and @labels, can you hear me?

Can You Answer These Autumnal SuperM "Would You Rather" Questions?

Spooky, scary, skele-Ten sends shivers down your spine!

Would You Rather: Disney Menu Vs. "Harry Potter" Menu

Tiana's beignets or Hagrid's cake? You decide.

Here's A Post For 12 People: Meryl Streep Ordered Wendy's On The Set Of "Little Women" To Save Money

"Fresh, never frozen." Three words that describe both Wendy's burgers and Meryl Streep.

Let's Settle This — Is The Book Or The Movie Better?

We know you have strong opinions...

Are These Weird Food Habits Actually Weird Or Do You Do Them Too?

I personally love raw muffin batter...even though it will definitely kill me someday.

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