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Arizona Girls' Racist YouTube Rant

These are some classy ladies.

Rick Santorum Quotes As New Yorker Cartoons

Here are a bunch of quotes from our future President paired with New Yorker cartoons. Some of them actually make a lot more sense this way.

25 People Who Just Googled "Santorum" For The First Time

There are still people out there who have never googled "Santorum." Santorum's strong finish in the Iowa caucuses brought with it a curiosity about him, and since we all sate curiosity with Google, forth went the searching masses. Some people didn't know about the sticky situation in which they were soon to find themselves.

The Darth Vader Burger Is Coming To Europe

"Choose your side of The Force." To promote the re-release of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" in 3D, the France- and Benelux-based fast food chain Quick is launching the Darth Vader Burger on a Sithy black bun. A less frightening looking (read: boring) Yoda Burger will also hit select locations through March 1.

30 Billboards That'll Make You Say WTF

Billboards are everywhere and are pretty much unavoidable. Sometimes, advertisers like to demonstrate a little creativity: a pun here, a touching sentiment there. I'm not sure if they know what the word "creativity" means.

The Steve Jobs Action Figure Does NOT Come With An iPhone

The promo pics from toy company In Icons might suggest that the late Apple co-founder comes with cool accessories, but alas. For $99 all you get is the black turtleneck-clad 12" action figure, no assembly required. Due for U.S. release in late February.

Whoa! Not Cool, Children's Book

We'll, I've never... I can't believe we're teaching our kids these things.

Charlie Brown Converts To Islam, Tries To Blow Up His Friends

Denis Leary's "holiday" special is maybe the most confusing, messed up thing I've ever seen. Between this and Victoria Jackson, today has taken on a weirdly Islamophobic vibe.

Did This Eating Disorder Joke On The Disney Channel Go Too Far?

The Disney Channel is in some ~hot water~ after they made an eating disorder joke on an episode of their show "Shake It Up." Here's what went down. Thoughts?

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